CPB: causing people to buy through expert multi-touch marketing lead generation

CPB is a specialist IT marketing services agency. We use an account-based marketing approach; providing clients with expertly delivered lead generation campaigns. and saving them time and resources.

CPB delivers account-based, multi-touch marketing lead generation campaigns for vendors, distributors and suppliers of IT products and services. Our campaigns are designed to spark the imagination, and inspire your prospects. We aim to encourage action and generate leads.

CPB_Steps_to_lead_generation_successOur aim is to provide effective multi-touch marketing lead generation campaigns for the IT industry.

Multi-touch marketing lead generation

CPB delivers successful multi-touch marketing lead generation campaigns using data from ProspectaBase; an accurate and proven database of 90,500 senior IT contacts from 87,000 UK organisations.

ProspectaBase contains precise contact data and information on senior IT executives as well as information on key aspects of an organisation’s IT installation. As a result, we offer a range of searchable criteria including; type of database platform, total data stored and number of network users.

ProspectaBase has spent years gathering and cleansing data to ensure it is the best IT contact data you can buy.

In addition, CPB’s expert telemarketing team hold IT vendor accreditations from the top vendors in the IT industry. We speak with confidence about your products, providing a sound basis for your next multi-touch marketing campaign. Consequently, we offer clear ROI whilst upholding your integrity and credibility. We work as a seamless extension of your sales & marketing activity and deliver results.

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3 reasons to partner with CPB:

18 years of unparalleled industry experience delivering thousands of successful IT telemarketing and lead generation campaigns.

A team of accredited, expert telemarketing agents who understand your products and your business.

We invest in and share your vision. We become an integral part of your team, delivering on your objectives and causing people to buy.