CPB: Experts in Account-Based Marketing


CPB uses an account-based marketing approach for specialist IT lead generation. Customers benefit from our attention to detail, personalized approach and tailored messaging. Using ABM we provide customers with expertly delivered, bespoke lead generation campaigns, saving them time and resources.

Account-based, multi-touch marketing lead generation campaigns are designed to support IT vendors, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers. Our campaigns spark the imagination and inspire your prospects. We encourage action and generate leads.

CPB views account-based marketing as a fluid service. We give clients what they want; building bespoke packages of lead generation services to meet their needs.

Account-based marketing generates targeted sales success.

At CPB we deploy an ABM approach to targeted, multi-touch marketing. In other words, we help you deliver personalized marketing which resonates with your target accounts, improving lead generation.

We identify the specific needs of target accounts and send relevant, personalized communications to meet these needs. In our experience, this approach can produce excellent results, particularly when targeting high-value customers.

And, what is more, ABM doesn’t cost the earth.
Traditionally, personalized and targeted marketing could be costly but marketing automation enables the deployment of an ABM strategy for lower investment and on a larger scale.

3 reasons to adopt account-based marketing:

ABM gives marketers the opportunity to create more personalized messaging. Say farewell to blanket messaging, it’s time to focus on your target audience.

ABM structures marketing efforts on key accounts to drive the most ROI. This narrow focus optimises the use of your most valuable resources: time and money.

ABM isn’t new but it is effective. It focuses on nurturing key customers and prospects. It eliminates the poor leads and shines a greater spotlight on the process of customer acquisition.

The benefits of using account-based marketing for lead generation:CPB_Account_based_marketing_for_the_IT_industry

  • Improved customer acquisition process
  • Personalized targeting and nurturing
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Faster sales process and shorter sales cycle
  • Clearer path to better ROI
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Synchronicity with sales and marketing functions
  • Improved trust and better customer relationships
  • Greater opportunity to show you are the expert
  • Better reporting
  • Focusing on the right target resulting in the right leads