CPB focuses on four core areas of marketing service delivery for the IT industry, which provide clients with the most comprehensive range of marketing services for successful lead generation and demand creation activities; enabling us to achieve our goal of providing qualified IT leads and causing people to buy.

Delivering bespoke campaigns, CPB utilises the whole marketing communications mix combining automated digital marketing with tried and tested ‘human 2 human’ telemarketing techniques. We enable clients to access their audience where they are, creating useful and relevant messaging and ultimately delivering customers with qualified IT leads.


Causing People to Buy with Qualified IT Leads


CPB works hard to understand its client’s products, objectives and messaging; offering digital demand generation campaigns, which complement our expert telemarketing team and deliver hot prospects and qualified IT leads. This subtle, yet effective format delivers on both inbound and outbound marketing objectives for either product or event marketing campaigns, resulting in high quality leads for our clients.

CPB uses its in house digital marketing automation tool and accurate, extensive IT industry database to interact with prospects at all stages of the buying journey. Delivering personalised and relevant content at pertinent stages in order to develop and nurture their relationship with your brand. We combine this with data from our proprietary database, ProspectaBase, to ensure we target the best of the best industry contacts.

CPB’s demand generation services provide the perfect mix of traditional and digital marketing services from email to telemarketing, from social to SMS and from bespoke landing pages to targeted infographics.

Why our services provide the very best in lead generation activity

  • The most experienced and highly accredited lead generation agents in the industry
  • The pedigree and proven capability of delivering qualified IT leads and prospects to clients for 18 years
  • We provide human to human contact, making direct calls to the right people and having conversations which result in meetings and sales
  • The most accurate and comprehensive IT industry contact data in the UK
  • Significant experience in methodically and intelligently cleansing, developing and profiling customer data; enabling clients to confidently target your customer base, and concentrate on maximising sales potential
  • The ability to segment to a granular level and target according to specific demographics, behaviours and preferences
  • Data-driven campaigns delivering unparalleled ROI for sales campaigns and event marketing
  • Adopting innovative digital marketing techniques to support traditional telemarketing
  • Investing in social, e-marketing and digital to deliver the very best qualified IT leads and demand creation strategies
  • Using multiple, digital touch points to engage and nurture prospects and generate demand
  • Embracing digital demand generation and social selling; targeting companies and individuals through social media applications
  • Engaging over 180,000 contacts in the IT world fortnightly, through our online technology journal (and advertising opportunity) techknow.online
  • Developing and delivering systems which streamline your processes and simplify your activities
  • Closed-loop offering via an end-to-end systems stack for all marketing purposes from campaign development through to nurturing and conversion
  • Marketing automation software to reduce labour intensive and time consuming tasks
  • Sales Lead Manager to easily deliver and track qualified IT leads
  • Teletalk – an easy to use web-based telemarketing application
  • Lengo – intelligent segmentation and targeting guaranteeing lead generation success
  • EventOyster – a hassle-free approach to automated event communications; giving you the chance to communicate more effectively and maximise event attendance