Marketing automation (MA) is technology that allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue. The right MA platform, used well, will transform your marketing strategy, freeing up resources and drastically reducing the impact of labour intensive and time consuming tasks.

Marketing automation software platforms and technologies enable marketing departments to effectively market across multiple channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and to automate repetitive tasks. More commonly known as multi-touch marketing, CPB’s system lengo is design to deliver marketing automation to the IT industry.

Marketing_Automation_Powered_by_LengoCPB uses its custom-built tool Lengo, along with its accurate, extensive IT industry database to interact with prospects at all stages of the buying journey. Marketing automation with multi-touch marketing allows us to schedule campaigns tactically, delivering personalised and relevant content at pertinent stages in order to develop and nurture a consumer’s relationship with a brand. The right marketing
automation tool, alongside the right content can significantly help to move prospects from top of funnel to bottom of funnel in a smooth process, during which brand trust and credibility is built and strengthened.

Partnering with CPB and using multi-touch marketing with marketing automation gives our clients the unparalleled benefits of time and budgetary efficiencies. CPB’s marketing automation platform, Lengo, provides a single sign on to access all elements of marketing campaigns from audience targeting to e-marketing, from lead nurturing and scoring to data gathering and finally conversion and reporting, oh, and not forgetting all the communications in between.

Employing a marketing automation platform to generate inbound marketing can increase cost-efficiencies in terms of labour and budget; reducing labour intensive tasks and freeing up time for other marketing tasks.


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