Digital lead generation services

CPB focuses on providing contact data for B2B lead generation in the technology sector. Using our portfolio of digital marketing services and contact data from our chosen database partner we deliver successful digital lead generation campaigns.

But what is digital? It’s a good question as it’s pretty ubiquitous these days. For CPB it is an integral element of a multi-touch marketing approach to engage and nurture prospects and generate leads.

CPB has built digital lead generation services into its digital marketing portfolio. The data we use for B2B lead generation is extensive and accurate.  We understand the process and benefits of the lead nurturing process and recognise how automated digital marketing plays a significant role in the success of digital lead generation strategies.

CPB offers a range of digital marketing services. All our campaigns are designed to spark the imagination, to inspire your prospects and to encourage an action.

We deliver bespoke campaigns utilizing the whole marketing communications mix combining automated digital marketing with human 2 human telemarketing. We help customers access their audience with timely, personalized and relevant messaging. Ultimately, we deliver our customers qualified leads.

Providing data for B2B Lead Generation

CPB works hard to understand its clients’ products, objectives, and messaging, offering digital B2B lead generation campaigns which provide hot prospects. This effective format delivers on both inbound and outbound marketing objectives, resulting in high quality leads for your sales team.

CPB uses its proprietary marketing automation tool and collaborates with a comprehensive IT industry database to interact with prospects at all stages of the buying journey. What is more, we are expert in delivering personalized and relevant content to develop and nurture your customer’s relationship with your brand.  If you are looking for marketing data for technology buyers and a digital marketing approach, speak to us today.

  • The perfect mix of traditional and digital marketing services from email to telemarketing, from social to SMS and from bespoke landing pages to targeted infographics
  • A continual process of digital demand generation, lead generation, qualification and nurturing until a prospect is ready to buy
  • Scheduling of personalised relevant content by digital means
  • is a monthly enewsletter that offers news and views on the IT industry, keeping subscribers up to date with all the best bits and bytes of industry news and views.
  • It’s a standalone publication carrying a wide range of articles created by third parties
  • It gives IT vendors, suppliers and resellers the opportunity to use it as a springboard for product launches, campaigns and event promotion

ProspectaTrace is a website tracking and monitoring tool from CPB, which captures visitor behaviour. The data captured enables companies to identify otherwise anonymous website traffic providing the opportunity for additional lead generation.

  • Targeting companies and individuals through social media applications
  • Using LinkedIn and other digital social activities and channels to target companies and individuals actively interested in your products or services
  • Using social profile data stored within the ProspectaBase database
  • Gathering new data from digital marketing campaigns including via our online IT newspaper;
  • Targeting your customers’ inboxes with relevant, timely and personalized information
  • Capitalising on the emarketing medium to deliver the right content to your target audience
  • Using emarketing as part of a wider traditional and digital marketing automation campaign to deliver successful lead generation campaigns