Lead generation services

Our objective is to help clients streamline internal processes. We replace time and labour-intensive tasks with sophisticated software solutions for sales lead generation.

CPB expertly delivers a range of end-to-end systems which support clients in successful prospecting by providing software solutions for IT lead generation and nurturing.

CPB offers a range of end-to-end systems which support clients in successful prospecting. We provide software solutions for lead generation and management. We act as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams, providing expertise, data and software solutions which free up time and resource.

Call it doing the legwork, the groundwork, the spadework … call it what you like. We call it using market intelligence and using our data and systems to deliver qualified leads.

We use a range of systems to identify, target, communicate with, qualify and deliver hot leads. These bespoke solutions have been designed to enable CPB to offer exactly what our clients need. These systems deliver excellence in marketing services and lead generation for each and every campaign.

CPB has the systems, tools and experience to simplify and automate the generation and management of sales leads. We distribute, track and report on opportunities. From segmenting data (either yours or ours) to making calls that count, from booking sales appointments to maximizing event attendance and from reporting on your data to enabling impressive ROI, CPB provides the complete lead generation package.

  • Nurturing, tracking and reporting on sales leads
  • A well managed nurturing process will ensure that opportunities do not slip through the net and into the hands of the competition
  • We create consistent and meaningful dialogue with viable prospects until the time when it is agreed that a client’s salesperson should take over
  • CPB’s Sales Lead Manager (SLM) portal automates the distribution of sales leads securely and efficiently; getting your leads directly to nominated individuals without delay
  • The SLM generates automatic reminders and update requests, thereby encouraging a more disciplined approach to lead follow up
  • The SLM provides full range of reports and dashboards also make it simple to track the collective progress, and ROI, on leads aligned to campaigns, vendors, partners and salespeople
  • Easy to use web-based telemarketing application
  • Complete overview of your company and contact, campaign data
  • Manage multiple campaigns
  • Visibility of campaign associated collateral
  • Ability to instantly send emails to campaign prospects
  • Campaign specific question builder
  • Complete with mini CRM
  • Intelligent call categorisation logging
  • An online data segmentation and targeting tool to help you target your ideal audience and match your required profile
  • Intelligent data manipulation and data management engine enables you to create precise, targeted, personalised data set based on any demographic information that your data may hold
  • Fully customisable and automated marketing communications functionality
  • Create campaigns based on specific audience criteria
  • Automates, simplifies and optimises the logistics of managing, storing and manipulating data
  • Hassle-free approach to automated emailing, communications, surveys, event invitation/registration etc.
  • Anaytics and reporting module
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