Marketing data for segmenting and targeting

Lengo delivers targeted multi-touch marketing campaigns.

Lengo puts intelligent data at your fingertips. it gives you an easy way to segment data and automate communications to build long-lasting relationships with your target audience.

Data Segmentation and Marketing Automation, Powered by Lengo

Don’t leave targeting to chance. Use Lengo’s feature rich, IT intelligence, data segmentation and easy to use marketing automation platform to target the key IT stakeholders making technology purchasing decisions.

Lengo, combined with superb IT contact data from ProspectaBase, guarantees prospecting success.

Lengo helps you connect with your audience.

Lengo is an intuitive platform that delivers effective, granular data targeting and segmentation for marketing campaigns.

The intelligent data manipulation and management engine enables you to create precise, targeted, personalized data sets. Use your own data, or access the extensive IT industry contact database from ProspectaBase.

Lengo contains over 100 searchable criteria including geography, vertical, number of users, servers or virtual servers, data amounts and installed technology. This level of detailed audience identification results in superior engagement and nurturing opportunities

Lengo is fully customisable and is designed to automate, simplify and optimize the logistics of managing, storing and manipulating data. It supports you in targeting and communicate with your ideal audience.

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CPB Systems Lengo Segmentation and MA platform


Lengo makes better campaign ROI a reality by providing the right tool to target the right audience.

Lengo is a modular platform, full of features to help you get the most from your customer data. It gives you marketing, sales and CRM in one, easy to use package.

Furthermore, Lengo provides a consolidated contact and marketing database to drive sales and insight.

It combines and centralizes your own data and can augment this with the UK’s leading IT contact database, ProspectaBase. Customer contact details and all interactions can be found in the customer profile, all close at hand to help you nurture your relationships.

Lengo’s key feature is a data segmentation and targeting tool, which allows you to create campaigns based on specific audience criteria.  The intuitive software lets you manipulate and segment data to improve targeting, supporting your aims of better quality leads and ROI.

What is more, Lengo features a fully integrated messaging platform, which enables you to quickly and easily create and send highly personalized emails, texts and push notifications.


Superior segmenting and targeting: cut and slice data to target your ideal audience based on installed technology, company size, number of users, job title, geography, preferences, previous behaviours and buying patterns.

Pinpoint your target audience down to the nitty gritty of its postcode; Lengo gives you superior data functionality and intelligence at your fingertips, ensuring you get the best return on investment.

Automated marketing communications made simple using the best IT contact data and an intelligent segmentation tool, which dramatically reduces the labour involved in manual communications.

Event communications and delegate management option: cutting edge technology enabling attendees to sign up for sessions and learn more about events to help deepen engagement and loyalty.

Lead generation capabilities with reporting that feeds directly into your CRM system offering real time lead generation, distribution and follow up capability.

Analyse your campaigns to deliver better productivity and ROI with automated reporting and evaluation; boosting visibility and control and providing 24/7, online reporting capabilities.

Create targeted marketing data today!

Make the most of your marketing data for segmenting and targeting, use Lengo.