8 Commandments of Lead Generation Success

CPB 8 commandments of lead generation

Do you want to improve your response rates and make more money in 2016? Of course you do. Read and digest these 8 commandments of lead generation success and make 2016 a year to remember…

  • Focus on prospects who need your product, rather than waste time on people who could be convinced to want it
  • Use good data; it’s the only chance you have of accurate targeting and better ROI
  • Make prospects feel important and value
  • Remind prospects why they can’t get along without your product
  • Segment and target; reach out to prospects in the most opportune way based on audience, preferences and product
  • Make prospects an offer they can’t refuse
  • Always follow up quickly and in a professional manner
  • Use lead scoring to assess conversion readiness
  • Deliver on your promises and be consistent; your brand will benefit and you’ll create brand advocates

Work hard to understand your objectives and messaging and work with an agency offering digital demand generation campaigns combined with expert telemarketing which has a proven track record of delivering hot prospects. This subtle, yet effective format delivers on both inbound and outbound marketing objectives for either product or event marketing campaigns, resulting in high quality lead generation success.

If you follow these commandments, you’ll build trust, improve your brand loyalty and increase sales. Lead generation success is about creating and building relationships, never forget you need to create a pull from the market, your prospects have to want to do business with you.

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