Dealing with personal data on a daily basis, we take data collection, storage, usage, protection, security and data compliance very seriously.

Data Compliance Across the Board

We believe direct marketing is an exchange of values between business and customer. In our direct marketing activities CPB adheres to all moral and legislative expectation and regulations. As a result, our clients and their target customers are protected and only contacted according to their preferences and with relevant communications.

CPB is a member of the DMA and, through this, keeps abreast of industry trends and legislation such as the GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation. CPB is also a CTPS licensee, meaning we can check our customer’s data against CTPS registrations and, crucially, regularly update our own database. Therefore, we ensure we never breach CTPS regulations.

Furthermore, we abide by legislation such as the Data Protection Act (registration number ZA230015), the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), Caller Line Identification guidelines and any relevant Ofcom guidance.

As data protection regulations become tighter and more restrictive for marketing agencies, we ensure data storage and usage is beyond reproach and adhere to and comply by the forthcoming GDPR / EU Data Protection regulations.

The many vendor accreditations CPB agents hold also mean we operate to and comply with vendor best practices and standards.

As experts in data CPB is also expert in data compliance – we don’t take any risks. CPB provides accurate, proven, clean data for your marketing campaigns and we take data compliance seriously.


For more information, please download CPB’s Data Protection, Data Privacy and Compliance document.