Capitalise on Renewal Revenue for Better ROI

Contract and warranty renewal revenue should be bread and butter. Happy customers want to stay loyal. But they will wander if they feel unloved, unappreciated or they get a better offer. Renewal revenue should be a formality, but is often overlooked based on effort versus reward.

Renewal revenue might be considered a formality to the accounts department but it is not always a big ticket item that brings in high ROI. Neither, for that matter, does it earn the best commission. Sales teams can easily be distracted (or directed) away from relatively small beer income by the bright lights of new/high value business.

That’s where we can help. We have 2 services which can help you make the most of renewal and up/cross sell opportunities.

CPB Renewals Service

Our contract and warranty renewals service lets you outsource the lower value renewal revenue to a team of expert IT telemarketeers. Our team will make the calls and get the repeat business, releasing your more valuable resource to concentrate on the big ticket items. We seek out the renewals and seal the deal. Additional renewal revenue for minimum effort. Eureka!

CPB Renewals+

As an option, when talking to your existing customers, we can also discreetly probe for impending projects and/or for up and cross sell opportunities. CPB has 19 years of experience in prospecting for IT and Comms suppliers so this would be an easy progression. For example, we could make a call to renew a 25 seat licence and discover a need for an additional 25 seats, or an updated IT solution. Taking the time to make these calls could be invaluable for both contract/warranty renewals and new business.

Why Outsource your Renewals?

  • Free up your sales team to focus solely on strategic accounts
  • Ensure continuity in customer contact
  • Provide a lower cost model with the option to up or cross sell

Why use CPB’s Contract/Warranty Renewals Service?

Because we know IT.

It’s all we do and we can therefore maintain your integrity. We can make a difference.

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