Reliance ACSN’s business focuses on IT security management; its services are designed to ensure that clients’ IT systems meet compliance and regulatory standards and are fully protected from unwanted penetration and intrusion. Comprehensively PCI approved and accredited by major security device manufacturers including Check Point, McAfee, CISCO and Juniper Networks, Reliance ACSN adopts high standards and best practice to give clients complete peace of mind that their IT systems are safely protected.

Relationship with CPB

Chris Anderson (Commercial Director) contacted CPB in 2005 when his brief was to fulfil challenging growth plans with limited resources. He needed support in developing a pipeline in clearly defined target markets and, following recommendations given by business associates, he chose CPB as his lead generation telemarketing partner.

Reliance ACSN’s target audience was commercial organizations located within Greater London, known to have a specific technology and with more than 200 users. CPB was able to instantly identify over 230 such organizations from within ProspectaBase, meaning the campaign could start immediately with no need for pre-campaign data profiling or other list compilation.

CPB’s lead generation telemarketing team set about cold calling the targeted end users and sales leads were emailed to Chris for follow up. As a result of the leads Chris set up a number of meetings from which many orders were secured, including a contract for £35,000 from a major financial institution.

As Reliance ACSN grew, a more strategic approach was required and CPB took on additional accountability in developing opportunities to a more mature stage. This approach again
involves qualifying an opportunity, be it short or long term, and then nurturing it until the key decision makers are ready to have a meeting. Once the appointment is confirmed the lead is passed to Reliance ACSN for ongoing presentations and negotiations. This revised level of service has proved to be even more effective as it has reduced the prospecting workload on ACSN and presented them with hot, ready to convert leads.

Lead Generation Telemarketing Results

Most campaigns have focused upon Reliance ACSN’s Co-Managed Security Services but assignments have included other aspects of network & systems security such as promoting penetration testing. All campaigns have enabled Reliance ACSN to build trusted and fruitful relationships with end users.

Since the two companies started working together, an average of 40 prospecting days per annum have been delivered by CPB, generating some 360 sales leads in total. Secured orders from 41 organizations have transpired as a direct result of this activity and these accounts have gone on to produce £520,000 of sales revenue.

Over the period that we have known CPB, we have in fact engaged other agencies to carry out lead generation activity but we have always been drawn back to CPB because of results we have gained from their work. Their knowledge and experience helps a great deal in putting campaigns together and the level of detail they secure for us is spot-on. CPB has produced an average £37.00 of sales margin for every £1.00 invested in their campaigns. CPB have proved to be an invaluable partner in growing our business.

Chris Anderson, Reliance ACSN

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