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Arrow is a solution enabler specialising in providing end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions including Cloud Services, Data Centre Solutions, and Networking & Security. Working with channel customers, Arrow optimises the efficiency with which organisations can store, manage, protect and deploy their data; equipping them with secure access to business-critical information any time, from any location, and on any device.

Executive Summary: Arrow has launched the Dell EMC Million Dollar Club Partner Programme to focus on helping their business partners launch a new Dell EMC offering. The aim of the programme is to support partners in growing a complementary revenue stream to achieve $1m of revenue and enhanced partner status.

Goals: The aim of Arrow’s campaign was to on board new partners and enable them to grow their Dell EMC business. This unique programme is designed to allow partners to access the EMC storage portfolio simply and easily with targeted enablement and support.

The challenge: The initial challenge faced by Arrow was to identify the right target audience for the campaign in order to attract suitable partners to the programme. Once this was completed, the main task was to qualify those partners who recognised the opportunity and wanted to understand the detail of the programme.

The solution: CPB UK Ltd has been providing a range of lead generation, channel recruitment and data services to Arrow ECS since 2001 and the two companies have forged a successful business relationship.

CPB profiled a list of resellers who had been identified on Arrow’s SMARTbase database as existing Dell partners. Our aim was to evaluate which of them were suitable for the Million Dollar Club by understanding how much Dell EMC equipment they currently sell and whether they were looking to grow their storage portfolio in 2017.

CPB then began the 29-day telemarketing activity, using call centre staff trained on both Arrow and Dell EMC to have meaningful conversations and generate appointments.

Results:  CPB’s expert team of call centre agents were well versed in the benefits of the programme and in identifying the right type of partner. When telemarketing activity began, we were confident we would have the right impact and uncover suitable partners for Arrow.

From the campaign, CPB identified 21 partners with the correct profile and an interest in the programme, 16 of which were face-to-face appointments. In the week following the end of the campaign 8 meetings had already been attended and these companies have all agreed to sign up to the programme. What’s more, 2 of these have already progressed to the next stage of becoming programme partners.

Arrow is delighted with the results of the campaign and readily acknowledges CPB’s success.

“It has been a pleasure working with CPB on this Arrow partner recruitment campaign. Once again, they have delivered on all of the campaign objectives and in fact, due to their expert profiling and targeting, have exceeded expectations. They are a great team of people to work with and are helpful, knowledgeable, reliable and experienced. They are always willing to go the extra mile”.

Maria Collier, Marketing Manager, Arrow ECS UK

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