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Arrow is a solution enabler specialising in providing end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions including Cloud Services, Data Centre Solutions, and Networking & Security. Working with channel customers, Arrow optimises the efficiency with which organisations can store, manage, protect and deploy their data; equipping them with secure access to business-critical information any time, from any location, and on any device.

Arrow Successfully Deploys Automated Event Management

Through close alliances with the world’s leading vendors Arrow delivers innovative solutions, complemented by an impressive portfolio of expert services and IT training. Arrow also runs a large number of events, providing an extensive calendar of seminars, technical workshops and sales enablement days across their entire range of products, services and solutions. Each year, the schedule is designed to educate and enable channel customers on new functionalities, technologies and opportunities available to them through their relationship with Arrow.

The benefit and Return on Investment (ROI) of these successful channel events is clear, however, the management of numerous events per year has a considerable impact on Arrow’s marketing team.

CPB UK Ltd has been providing a multitude of marketing services, including demand creation and data management services, to Arrow since 2001 and the two companies have forged a successful business relationship.

In 2013, Arrow came to CPB with a challenge; it wanted a digital solution for automated event management, which would solve two significant business challenges:

1. Reducing the pain of manual, labour intensive event management and organisation: a. Promoting and communicating its event schedule to the right target audience b. Automating event management communications c. Effectively managing sign-in procedure to accurately report on attendance.

2. Solving its data management issue: a. Consolidating all data into one database rather than a number of disparate data sources b. Streamlining and optimising the ability to segment and target the desired audience.

As a trusted consultant, with expertise in database management and CRM development, and a long-term supplier (which already supported Arrow’s event programme with bespoke communications and audience acquisition via telemarketing) CPB was the ideal collaborator for this project.

CPB’s success rests upon its collaboration with ProspectaBase (the comprehensive IT industry database), its expert telemarketing team and its sophisticated CRM engine, which incorporates a wealth of communications and marketing automation tools.

Traditionally, CPB has used the communications platform for data management, specific marketing campaigns and event promotion but the technology was able to be applied to a product that could automate the process of event management from start to finish.

  • The platform incorporates features such as:
  • Detailed segmentation of target audience
  • The ability to create, approve, publish, and manage automated, personalised event communications
  • Real-time delegate registration information at your fingertips, through sophisticated analytics and reporting
  • The ability to access the database of attendance records and parameters of previous events
  • The ability to conduct surveys and post-event evaluations
  • Automated bulk email marketing
  • Access to a comprehensive IT prospecting database for any direct marketing activity
  • Mobile tablet-based check-in app for onsite management of attendees

The system needed some tweaking in order to deliver exactly what Arrow required and, in so doing, the product became an easy to use automated event management platform, with superior functionality, which can:

  • Improve the efficiency and management of events
  • Provide seamless engagement with attendees
  • Give audience intelligence to help build new opportunities
  • Streamline and simplify processes for following up on leads
  • Dramatically reduce administration and emailing costs

Since its introduction, the automated event management platform has had a significantly positive impact on Arrow’s event organisation and management capabilities; providing the following benefits to Arrow’s business:

  • An easy use platform with clear navigation which directs users to the relevant areas of the system
  • A system that allows Arrow to manage both email marketing campaigns and events from one consolidated platform
  • Events set up in their own right, allowing relevant tasks to be activated/deactivated at the click of a button
  • Tasks that can be automated and scheduled within the system, reducing the length of time and management required per event
  • A basic HTML editor suite that allows users to make text changes, alter web links, and insert or remove tables; saving time and reducing design agency amendment costs
  • Reporting features that provide detailed analytics and email statistics, for a greater understanding of the success of Arrow events and email communication campaigns

Since Arrow implemented the fully automated event management system, we have seen a noticeable reduction in the amount of time spent on various administration duties involved in running many channel customer events. Additionally, we are also able to provide delegates with professionally branded and automated event communications. The detailed reporting allows Arrow to generate reports that provide the marketing managers with real-time and accurate event ROI.

Another great feature of the platform is the ability to amend HTML files, which has considerably reduced design costs. Whilst the mobile app enables the team to instantly update the database with those who have attended events. The event management tool has notably benefitted both the marketing team, and the business as a whole and we would definitely recommend this platform to other companies.

Julie Gibbs, Marketing Director North West Europe, Arrow ECS

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