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Phoenix Software is a specialist in bespoke, end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions for the B2B arena and has more than 25 years’ experience of advising customers on the best-fit software, hardware and IT solutions available.

The company’s expert understanding of software licensing, coupled with the insight and innovation of its IT solutions specialists, means that it is perfectly placed to advise its customers on every aspect of their IT strategy from procurement and deployment through to software licence management and compliance.

EventOyster Revolutionises Phoenix Software’s Event Communications

Phoenix Software is at the cutting edge of the future of IT and how it is evolving and aims to help customers embrace the many and varied disruptive technologies now sweeping through the IT industry. One method of educating its customer base in such technologies is by running a variety of educational and technical events. In so doing Phoenix delivers an annual event schedule of over 50 events a year, mainly seminars, webinars and exhibitions. The events are targeted at Phoenix’s B2B customers and prospects, in particular IT Managers, CIOs, FDs and procurement teams.

Running such a busy event schedule, in addition to the other activities demanded of the marketing department, results in many logistical and resource challenges. A particular challenge is finding enough time to plan, arrange and execute event invitations, event communications and follow ups, which is where CPB came in.

CPB’s newest system is a marketing automation platform, EventOyster, which is specifically targeted at companies in the IT sector that have busy event communication schedules. EventOyster provides a full service marketing automation platform designed to streamline and automate email (and SMS) communications and event planning processes thus reducing the impact of labour intensive, manual tasks.

As a trusted consultant, with expertise in database management and CRM development, and an existing supplier, CPB was the ideal collaborator to support Phoenix with its event planning and event communication challenges.

CPB’s success rests upon its collaboration with ProspectaBase, the comprehensive IT industry database, its expert telemarketing team and its sophisticated CRM engine, which incorporates a wealth of communications and marketing automation tools. Traditionally, CPB has used the CRM and communications platform for data management, specific marketing campaigns and event promotion but the technology is able to be applied to a product that automates the process of event management from start to finish.

The EventOyster event communications platform incorporates the following features:

  • Detailed segmentation of a target audience
  • The ability to create, approve, publish, and manage automated, personalised event communications
  • White label product allowing full corporate branding of communications and landing pages etc.
  • Real-time delegate registration information at your fingertips, through sophisticated analytics and reporting
  • The ability to access the database of attendance records and parameters of previous events
  • The ability to conduct surveys and post-event evaluations
  • Automated bulk email marketing
  • Access to a comprehensive IT prospecting database for any direct marketing activity
  • Mobile tablet-based check-in app for onsite management of attendees

Prior to choosing EventOyster as the marketing automation platform through which to manage its busy event communications schedule, Phoenix relied on a manual process – mainly managed through Excel. This process was extremely time-consuming and open to human error resulting in Phoenix looking for a marketing automation product and partner to work with to reduce errors and free up valuable marketing team hours to work on other projects. EventOyster was proposed at an opportune time and, in adopting the platform, Phoenix hoped to provide a more professional event registration and management process for its customers and to install a system which gave its marketing department a complete, end to end event management solution.

EventOyster has made a significant difference to the team involved in delivering Phoenix’s events. The marketing and event management team has found it saves time, reduces manual input and duplication of labour, for example, eliminating the need to copy registrations from emails to Excel etc. The solution has automated the registration reminder process which sometimes got ‘missed’ in the past.  EventOyster enables Phoenix to communicate more effortlessly with delegates, as it is conducive to easier follow-up, and to get in touch with those who didn’t attend to maintain contact and nurture relationships. Feedback from delegates suggests they find the new automated communication process to be a far more professional, slicker process.

The solution also enables the event delivery team at Phoenix to provide better reporting to the senior executive team; Sarah Bradshaw, Marketing Manager at Phoenix Software states “We have more information/statistics at our fingertips now – all in one place, not in disparate spreadsheets – so it’s easier to report to Exec’s and pull out successes and ROI.”

Whilst statistics on cost-efficiencies made are not available (as it is impossible to compare this with the previous rudimentary approach of the legacy system, for which no analytics are available), Phoenix is keen to point out that the solution is working well, delivering return on investment and providing peace of mind knowing that it manages itself once the correct information is loaded into the software.

Since its introduction, the EventOyster platform has had a significantly positive impact on Phoenix’s event communications, organisation and management capabilities; the benefits being experienced by Phoenix are multiple and include:

  • Simplifying registration for both event managers and attendees
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Delivering time and cost-efficiencies
  • Providing Phoenix with a polished professional service
  • Significantly reducing tedious, labour-intensive tasks
  • Improving productivity and operational logistics
  • Removing manual errors through automation, enabling the easy sharing of data and information
  • Enabling the marketing team to concentrate on other vital marketing tasks
  • Providing the capacity to view email stats & opens for ease of retargeting
  • Providing an overview of all events and email activity in one place
  • Improving the capacity for future event planning as all data is stored in the system and can be accessed, analysed and evaluated

EventOyster has revolutionised the way we promote and manage the many events we hold across the UK every year. By automating and streamlining what was previously a manual system, we have significantly reduced a lot of tedious, labour-intensive tasks and improved productivity and operational logistics. Benefits include removing manual errors, enabling the easy, automated sharing of data and information, while allowing us the time to concentrate on other vital marketing tasks.


The EventOyster platform makes registration easier, simpler and more professional and has brought us into the 21st Century, while also improving the customer experience – an invaluable benefit. We have more information/statistics at our fingertips now – all in one place, not in disparate spreadsheets – so it’s easier to report to Exec’s and pull out successes and ROI.

All in all, EventOyster is both time and cost-efficient and provides us with a polished professional service.


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