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Arrow ECS, a long term customer of CPB UK Ltd, recently undertook a telemarketing campaign focused on promoting Citrix mobility and networking products.

To create additional buzz for this campaign, and to be sure of putting a buzz into demand creation, CPB suggested a fresh tactic. We proposed utilising CPB’s digital marketing platform, TechKnow.Online, alongside the traditional telemarketing approach.

Creating a Buzz for Better Lead Generation Put a buzz into demand creation

A leading online technology publication, TechKnow.Online publishes TechKnow.Buzz, a fortnightly enewsletter, which is distributed to over 100,000 senior IT contacts throughout the UK. The enewsletter contains the biggest IT stories, the latest IT updates and featured articles from TechKnow.Online.

How TechKnow succeeds at putting a buzz into demand creation

Throughout the duration of the campaign, TechKnow.Online and TechKnow.Buzz ran stories relevant to networking and mobility.  Featured stories included subjects such as:

  • ‘What to expect when Windows 10 is no longer free’
  • ‘The fate of WAN optimisation in the cloud era’
  • ‘Secure Wi-Fi in the BYOD and IoT era’

All click throughs on these stories were followed up by CPB’s team of worker bees (aka telemarketing agents) with a view to unearthing additional leads for Arrow.

The first enewsletter dispatch saw 87 click throughs, which gave Arrow reassurance that this was a lead generation approach worth using! The second dispatch saw an incredible 629 click throughs and the final dispatch of the campaign saw an additional 127 click throughs.

In total the enewsletter resulted in an additional 843 click throughs, creating a genuine buzz for the campaign from sources which might otherwise have remained untapped. An outstanding lead generation result!

Positive results at a glance

  • 843 click throughs to Citrix-related sponsored stories
  • Multiple digital interactions converted into qualified sales leads
  • £140k pipeline associated to the opportunities

“Combining the digital marketing piece with the ongoing Citrix telemarketing campaigns has already started to show its true worth. Not only is TechKnow.Online raising awareness of the latest Citrix developments to an audience of over 100,000 IT executives, it’s also producing additional sales leads and potential revenue stream for Arrow ECS’s business partners”.


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