R-Com has gained a reputation as a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions. Established in 2007, and based in Manchester, they have focused on making IT an asset for clients, not a challenge.

A range of accreditations from the likes of IBM, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Trend Micro enables R-Com to take an objective view of requirements whilst maintaining their core principles of excellence in customer service. R-Com’s expertise lies in the key technology areas of virtualisation, data storage, networking and systems security with an ability to advise whether these aspects are best delivered onsite or via R-Com’s cloud services. R-Com has also become a recognised consultancy in Software License Management, helping a multitude of clients reduce licensing costs and maximize their investment in software products.

Demand Creation Relationship with CPB

Through a detailed recruitment plan, R-Com has built a sales force that will enable them to meet their progressive growth plans. This team is an impressive group of experienced, pro-active individuals with a keen appetite to exceed target. Ayaz Rathore (Sales Director, R-Com) is always eager to maintain their focus on prospects of real potential and he, therefore, employs CPB’s prospecting capabilities for demand creation and to provide a regular feed of qualified opportunities for his sales team.

The outline of the demand creation prospecting campaigns are agreed at meetings or on conference calls, where the focus and any compelling points of R-Com’s service offerings are discussed. The target data is also agreed at this stage and the contact detail is obtained from ProspectaBase. Campaigns delivered have covered most of the technology areas listed above and this two tier approach, where CPB makes the initial qualifying calls and the sales team follow up the identified prospects, has served R-Com well. The sales team has managed to progress a high proportion of the CPB leads to bids, quotes and orders.


Ayaz estimates that his sales team has accrued over £600,000 in new business, which is directly attributable to CPB leads. These leads were generated during 85 man days of CPB telemarketer calling.

It’s common for initial orders to be limited in size as the end-user assesses R-Com’s capabilities before committing further. A manufacturing prospect CPB unearthed typifies this. CPB called the IT Operations Manager and discovered the company had issues in communication, collaboration & information sharing across multiple sites and that cost-savings were a priority. After preliminary meetings R-Com proposed an IBM Lotus software-based solution and an initial order for £80,000 was placed. Two incremental orders followed and the total revenue from the project now stands at over £430,000.

Good sales leads are key to the success of our business and CPB consistently produces what we need. The comprehensive service they provide takes away a lot of the workload involved in putting a campaign together and the results we have received are very pleasing.

Ayaz Rathore, R-Com

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