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Relationship with CPB

Trend Micro first engaged CPB in 2011. Since then, CPB has provided a range of tactical and strategic services spanning account qualification to prospect nurturing.

Trend Micro is eager to maintain its focus on prospects of real potential and therefore employs CPB’s specialist IT marketing capabilities to provide a regular feed of qualified opportunities to its sales team.

  • CPB provides a dynamic range of strategic services including:
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Event attendees follow-up
  • Account based management
  • Prospect profiling
  • Up-sell to existing customers

The scope of these campaigns is agreed at meetings or on conference calls where the focus and any compelling points of Trend Micro’s service or product offerings are discussed. Target data is agreed at this stage and available contact details are enhanced by ProspectaBase; a comprehensive and profile focused IT database.

The lead generation process, where CPB makes the initial calls and the sales team follow up the identified prospects, has served Trend Micro well with many CPB leads progressing to bids, quotes and sales.

CPB also provides a multi-touch lead service, which allows Trend Micro to build stronger relationships with prospects and customers. Delivery of leads is done via CPB’s unique Sales Management (SLM) portal. The SLM gives Trend Micro current visibility of all campaign activity, statistics and status via an online interface. All activity is reported via the SLM and this proves to be a valuable and essential tool in Trend Micro’s marketing armoury.

Additionally, CPB is instrumental in Trend Micro’s educational call out programmes which impart product knowledge and strengthen customer relationships


Since 2011, Trend Micro has trusted CPB to deliver a wide range of marketing services. This breadth of experience and continuity of service has enabled Trend Micro to develop over 300 genuine customers – virtually one prospect for every ‘man day’ spent by CPB’s team.

Trend Micro and CPB continue to work closely to develop future campaigns and sophisticated opportunities. With CPB’s ongoing guidance and expertise, this partnership continues to develop.

CPB is an extension of the Trend Micro team and are trusted to develop these early relationships; they are storytellers and customer relationship developers. Of course, we wouldn’t [continue to] retain them if they hadn’t proven their value. It helps that we also enjoy working with them and know they have our interests at heart.


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