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Buyer Personas
Target the right people for pipeline growth

Personalised marketing and offering unique customer experiences are key to successful relationship building, brand loyalty, and pipeline growth. Understanding your customers' needs and preferences and offering them products and services based on those needs will turn your customers into fans, creating loyalty and longevity for your pipeline.

Buyer personas are crucial tools in understanding and effectively engaging with target audiences. By crafting detailed profiles that represent different segments of your potential customers, you gain insights into their needs, preferences, and behaviours. This knowledge enables businesses to tailor their marketing strategies, product development, and customer service efforts to better resonate with specific demographics. Ultimately, buyer personas humanise your target market, allowing you to create more personalised and relevant experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, business success.

Developing accurate buyer personas for your business will enable you to:

  • Optimise the development of products and services

  • Create unique, targeted content and marketing messaging

  • Tailor your overall sales and marketing approach to meet defined needs and to overcome specific challenges

Buyer Persona Examples

Start Up Office

IT Decision Makers

IT decision makers play a crucial role in determining the selection, implementation, and management of IT solutions and services to support a company's goals and objectives.


They are responsible for evaluating technology options, assessing risks and benefits, allocating budgets, and guiding the overall IT strategy to ensure alignment with business objectives.


If you’re targeting your value proposition to IT decision makers,

ProspectaBase enables you to segment your audience by
C-level, D-level and M-level IT

Working from Home

IT Influencers

IT Influencers in the buying process are a crucial target market. ​They share knowledge, experiences, and recommendations and play a crucial role in shaping opinions, driving conversations, and influencing IT product related decisions. 

Influencers know the details behind the requirement, and are often tasked with identifying suitable solutions. If your solution looks compelling, they may just be the key to orchestrating a meeting between your company and the IT decision maker.


Non-IT Buyer Personas

In addition to its key focus on IT department buying personas and IT installation intelligence, ProspectaBase is enriched with non-IT contact data.

Examples of additional data intelligence include: 

  • C-Level

  • Owner / MD 

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • eCommerce

  • Sales

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