CPB Digital Services and How Digital Makes a Difference

digital marketing

Digital marking is ubiquitous, compelling, effective and here to stay.
But what exactly is it?

Digital Marketing is “the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing”. (digitalmarketer.com)

Essentially it is marketing but done on a variety of digital platforms rather than the traditional methods of direct mail, print or telemarketing. Its key benefit is that it allows you to promote your products/services on the channels your customers already use, thereby giving a higher chance of successful brand awareness and conversion. It reaches the modern customer where and when it matters and provides easy access to your brand.

These days, most purchase decisions begin online. Engaging with your prospects in the online space is vital. Brands must now share compelling and relevant content, make clever use of social, consider paid advertising and fine tune their SEO.

A strong digital marketing strategy can have the following results:

  • Better brand awareness and engagement
  • Improved conversion of new customers
  • Superior brand loyalty
  • Viral word-of-mouth and social sharing leading to enhanced brand recognition
  • Decrease the length of the buying journey

digital marketing

How We Ensure Digital Marketing Makes a Difference

CPB offers a range of digital services which can be incorporated into any multi-touch campaign. Creating an omnichannel approach, using multiple touchpoints concurrently, gives you the best chance of finding new customers and developing strong and lasting relationships.

Such an approach revolves around your customer, creating a single customer experience across your brand by unifying sales and marketing and nullifying any spillover traditionally experienced between channels.

Our main digital channels include:

  1. TechKnow.Online

TechKnow.Online – an IT news publication delivering independent news and insights. Distributed to a readership base of 160,000+ contacts, TechKnow’s diverse audience spans the spectrum of the UK market, keeping recipients up to date with all the best bits and bytes in the IT world. Working in parallel with the TechKnow.Online website, the TechKnow fortnightly e-newsletter contains top stories, latest IT updates and featured articles delivered straight to our readers’ mailboxes.

TechKnow.Online carries a variety of advertising opportunities, which can be executed as standalone campaigns or as part of a wider CPB UK marketing services package.

As well as disseminating your message to the masses, TechKnow.Online also provides you with intelligence on which business verticals, size of company and buying personas are engaging with your brand or value proposition

  1. Emarketing

Emarketing is key to delivering the right content at the right time to the right people. ​Target customer inboxes with relevant, timely and personalized information. Use emarketing as part of a wider multi-touch marketing automation campaign to deliver successful lead generation.

  1. ProspectaTrace

ProspectaTrace is a web tracking and monitoring tool, which captures visitor behaviour. The data gathered enables companies to identify otherwise anonymous website traffic providing the opportunity for additional lead generation.

  1. SMS

SMS is one of the most accessible forms of communication. Mobile phone use is ubiquitous and permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages is becoming increasingly popular with marketers.

CPB is extending its SMS service to complement and support other services such as event promotion, TechKnow.Online and AQL marketing, giving our clients the best possible access to prospective customers.

Get on Board with the Digital Transformation

Whether you are new to digital marketing, or simply need a new approach, this year is the year to take digital marketing seriously. It can have its challenges, however, these are outweighed by the significant benefits that will be visible in your pipeline and bottom line.

If you’re still not sure about why digital marketing makes a difference and why you need a digital marketing strategy, have a read of this article from Smart Insights.


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