IT lead generation companies

CPB is one of the premier technology lead generation companies in the UK. To support us in this activity we acquire contact data from the extensive, and industry-leading, ProspectaBase database. Whether for targeting prospects or developing data-driven, personalised campaigns we use all the data at our disposal to meet our client’s demand generation expectations.

Technology lead generation is our business.

Have you got the data you need for a successful sales and marketing strategy? CPB supports its clients marketing campaigns with the most accurate and comprehensive IT industry contact data in the UK.

Whatever your target audience, and no matter how granular you want to get, we can supply the data you need to hit your target. Our accredited and technically competent telemarketing agents will make calls to your audience on your behalf. We act as ambassadors for your brand. We book meetings and appointments and deliver unrivalled ROI for your campaign. Furthermore, working with ProspectaBase, we can also use your own data, and we’ll even cleanse it first!

CPB is an agency that knows data and how to use it.

Above all, we care about our clients and our results. As one of the UK’s top technology lead generation companies, CPB has a proven history of successful lead generation campaigns in the IT industry. We pride ourselves on having:

  • Exclusive access to an accurate, comprehensive IT industry database, ProspectaBase
  • An intelligent data management platform to segment and manipulate data for precise targeting
  • Accredited telemarketing agents who are well briefed and technically competent to represent you and your brand
  • Experience in incorporating digital alongside traditional DM and telemarketing approaches
  • A seamless method of distributing qualified sales leads, letting your sales team get on with its job without delay
Technology lead generation is getting personal

Personalised content and timely, targeted messaging is the best way to reach prospects, build trust and gain brand loyalty. An account-based marketing approach incorporating data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch. Choose this strategy to nurture prospects from top of funnel to bottom of funnel.

Every company needs a driven and committed sales force, an innovative or popular product and an inspired marketing strategy. These elements must combine with a comprehensive and accurate source of targeted technology industry data to realise overarching corporate objectives.

Just how important is good data and data-driven marketing?

Good data isn’t just your best chance of finding prospects, it’s your only chance. It can stand between you and the success of your next marketing campaign. Think of it as the difference between a record breaking quarter and struggling to meet your number.

Successful technology lead generation derives from account-based, data-driven, personalised marketing. Review your data today. Partner with one of the UK’s premier technology lead generation companies and speak to the Campaign Management Team at CPB.

  • The most accurate and comprehensive IT industry contact data in the UK
  • Over 113,000 IT Executive contacts, regularly cleansed and updated against CTPS data
  • Linked with a sophisticated marketing automation platform allowing you to drill down and segment to a very granular level for enhanced personalized audience targeting
  • Working closely with ProspectaBase which excels in:
    • Methodically and intelligently cleansing, developing and profiling data
    • Gathering basic company/contact information or drilling down to specific, installation, demographic detail
    • Enabling you to confidently target your customer base, and concentrate on maximising your sales potential
    • Building or refreshing a database for future marketing activity or augmenting an existing database with additional information
  • Forget guesswork, CPB can help in taking away this conjecture through a mix of surveys and market research to gather industry information and provide independent analysis
  • Obtaining a detailed understanding of a market, a trend or opinions
  • Determining product and service positioning
  • Producing competitive analysis
  • Supporting clients in providing, and displaying, thought leadership
  • Supporting clients in strengthening their channel
  • Identifying and developing new partner relationships
  • Re-energising dormant relationships
  • Expanding existing relationships
  • Enhancing co-marketing programmes
  • Capturing market intelligence for ongoing marketing programmes
  • Nurturing, tracking and reporting on sales leads
  • A well managed nurturing process will ensure that opportunities do not slip through the net and into the hands of the competition
  • We create consistent and meaningful dialog with viable prospects until the time when it is agreed that a client’s salesperson should take over
  • CPB’s Sales Lead Manager (SLM) portal automates the distribution of sales leads securely and efficiently; getting your leads directly to nominated individuals without delay
  • The SLM generates automatic reminders and update requests, thereby encouraging a more disciplined approach to lead follow up
  • The SLM provides full range of reports and dashboards also make it simple to track the collective progress, and ROI, on leads aligned to campaigns, vendors, partners and salespeople