TechKnow.Online is a leading online technology publication delivering the latest news and views from the IT channel. It’s a consolidated technology news depository as well as being an effective online lead generation tool.

TechKnow.Online provides a unique opportunity to interact with an engaged and receptive IT audience. Its regular publications keep its readership of 180,000 up to date with all the best bits, bytes and announcements in the IT world.

TechKnow has been designed to provide our readership with the news they want on the device they want. Our readers enjoy a responsive mobile experience. We keep you abreast of the best IT news on the go. What’s more, it provides you with a professional, online lead generation platform through which to connect with your audience.

Our core audience consists of senior IT and technical contacts from within the UK, however, the website also attracts interest from across the globe.

The website carries a variety of advertising opportunities; branded advertorials, sponsored editorials, featured adverts and white paper syndication. Any of these options can be executed as standalone campaigns or as part of a wider CPB marketing services package.

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TechKnow.Online offers a number of advertising opportunities for online lead generation and for maximising brand exposure …

  • Reinforce your corporate messaging to exactly the right audience; get your message out to over 180,000 engaged readers.
  • With a prominent placement on the enewsletter and website and direct links back to the landing page of your choice, the exposure from such campaigns can maximise your brand awareness and the impact of your campaign message.
  • We’ll monitor the clicks and feed back any interest and engagement from the advertorial and all associated social activity.
  • Promote your brand with a snappy, clear and compelling advert and we’ll monitor any click throughs and feed these back to you.
  • Featured adverts have slightly less prominent placement than branded advertorials but get in front of the same wide audience and are hugely effective, especially when combined with a wider telemarketing campaign.
  • Capitalise on exposure by sponsoring generic stories which relate to your products or services.
  • Choose your topic and we’ll run a story featuring the field, product or service of your choice. We’ll monitor any click throughs and feed these back to you.
  • Sponsored editorials have a softer approach than adverts and are designed to find out what the audience is interested in. They are most effective when combined with a wider telemarketing campaign but can be used as a standalone activity.
  • You’ve written great content but how do you promote this white paper to deliver the lead generation influx your sales team requires?
  • In the mix of B2B content marketing, white papers are one of the most effective ways of attracting interest from potential customers online.
  • Choose to publish your white papers with TechKnow and you’ll engage a wide and diverse IT audience with your educational and thought-provoking content.
  • Publication of white papers enables you to get your product message out there whilst providing thought-leading ideas and opinions. Every white paper featured on TechKnow will be aligned to relevant news stories and your other client marketing campaigns to maximise click throughs and lead generation.