Discover Turbo Charged Lead Generation Capability

Every company has a goal to secure sales and achieve a healthy, sustainable profit. A good company website is central to this strategy, but, having a website doesn’t close the loop.

Prospective customers will visit whilst comparing services and suppliers, but are you identifying this website traffic whilst your pages are being browsed?

Is your website captivating enough for prospects to make contact?

Have you turbo charged your lead generation capability?

If not, visitors will leave, without you ever knowing that they were there.


Don’t Be a Slow Coach

In the fast-paced modern sales world, acting fast is crucial. Leads go cold quickly. It is the companies who respond most rapidly that get the best results.

Are your competitors reacting more quickly than you?

Are they building relationships and getting brand loyalty brownie points before you’ve even realised someone has visited your website?



Stay Ahead of the Competition

Deploy software that delivers turbo charged lead generation. Web visitors are potential customers and potential profit. Letting them visit, browse, and leave without follow up and nurture is commercial suicide. But how do you know who these anonymous visitors are?




Capture – Profile – Qualify

A recent BrightTALK webinar found that utilising buyer persona information within an email campaign doubled the open rate and drove 5 times the campaign click-through rate. Buyer personas are a commanding way to inform your marcomms; enabling you to deliver influential content that adds value to a B2B buyer’s decision-making.

Creating buyer personas, by monitoring your web visitors journey and identifying where their interests lie, allows you deliver personalized, relevant marketing campaigns, that often return a greater success

ProspectaTrace is an automated, digital website tracking and monitoring tool from CPB.  It captures visitor behaviour and data, which enables you to identify otherwise anonymous visitors, providing the opportunity for additional lead generation.

The system specialises in identifying website traffic by harnessing the power of Lead Forensics, the UK’s No. 1 tool for identifying anonymous web traffic. We combine this with industry-leading IT intelligence and telemarketing techniques to provide a unique, lead generation service.


ProspectaTrace turns otherwise anonymous traffic into actionable leads, and this all starts with data … 

Intelligent Data-driven Marketing


Dig deep into the intelligence you have on your prospects. Not just the data held in your database but from other sources including social media and web forensics tools to gain in-depth insight on your target audience and their behaviours.

ProspectaTrace is software designed to uncover the identity of your unknown web visitors, enabling you to:

  • Identify the exact business name and contact details of anonymous visitors
  • Be alerted when a prospect is on your site
  • Discover what your customers are interested in
  • Refine marketing campaigns
  • Track leads
  • Generate customised reports to track prospects behaviour
  • Enhance business conversations
  • Improve profits


How Does ProspectaTrace Work?


Tracking code is placed on your website.


Visitors browse, navigate, and view your pages.


Access data via an online portal, app, or integration with your CRM.


Analyse data; build a picture of needs & preferences.


ProspectaTrace can give you:

  1. Company name
  2. Location
  3. Telephone number
  4. Website address
  5. Turnover
  6. Industry code

Use this information at your disposal to make contact and convert prospects before your competitors have even had time to make a cup of tea!


You’ve Got the Data, What Happens Next?


Make Sense of Your Data

Being able to access this type of data enables you to make contact with prospects and discuss their requirements from a position of knowledge. This results in converting prospects before your competitors get the opportunity to. The intelligence provided by ProspectaTrace will allow you to:

  • Streamline your sales processes
  • Get the insights your sales team needs
  • Generate quick leads and conversions with confidence


Use Your Data

ProspectaTrace gives you the information with which to turbo charge your lead generation. Your job is to make sure you use it. As the digital arena continues to develop, B2B marketers are at risk of becoming disconnected from their buyers.

Get personal with your buyers on a human-to-human level, building the type of relationship that breeds trust and brand loyalty.

Use the intelligence provided by ProspectaTrace to influence the B2B buying process, generate more leads and drive better ROI.


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