GDPR – Beware of Fake News

Read all about it, but be careful what you believe …

There’s a lot of misinformation and scare mongering going around about the GDPR, B2B marketing and ePrivacy Regulation. One could go as far as to say there’s a lot of fake news. As a company that’s worked closely with the DMA to develop a host of data protection, privacy and compliance documentation we wanted to throw our hat in the ring to dispel a few myths.

  1. The enforcement of the GDPR on 25th May will not affect B2B marketing
  2. B2B marketing is governed by PECR and, until PECR is replaced by the ePrivacy Regulation, opt-out remains the correct B2B marketing approach
  3. PECR will remain in place once GDPR takes effect; it is unlikely there will be a final decision on new ePrivacy Regulation until late 2018 or early 2019
  4. The ICO states that the PECR “rules on consent, the soft opt-in and the right to opt out, do not apply to electronic marketing messages sent to ‘corporate subscribers’.”
    1. NB within PECR, electronic marketing encompasses marketing by telephone, fax, email, text and picture/video message.

In a nutshell, until PECR is replaced by ePrivacy, B2B marketers can all keep calm and carry on.

If you’re still concerned about the GDPR, B2B marketing and ePrivacy Regulation and you don’t believe us, have a look at this recent blog post from the DMA or read the ICO’s guidance on PECR.


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