Ignore data and marketing automation at your peril!

cpn_the_value_of_personal_dataIt wasn’t news to us but 2016 saw a trend towards quality over quantity in B2B lead generation. The scattergun approach, in isolation, is old hat. Targeting and personalisation is the continuing trend for 2017 and should be your focus for IT marketing campaigns this year.

This is where good data and the right marketing automation platform come in.

Confidence in the accuracy of marketing data is key to the success of any campaign. How confident are you in your data? When was it last cleansed? What is your click through rate? Are bounce backs destroying campaign credibility with your key stakeholders?

How do you target your audience? Is your segmentation tool brilliantly simple or simply too cumbersome? Come to think of it, have you even got a segmentation tool?

To make the most of your forthcoming IT marketing campaigns you need both great data and a means by which to segment, target and analyse. With the right data and marketing automation platform in place, your campaigns will be more successful and you’ll have the ability to measure impact and ROI.

Why do data and marketing automation, targeting and analytics matter?

In 2016, Technology Marketing suggested that 42% of marketers found lack of quality data was one of the biggest obstacles to successful lead generation. 38% also cited lack of sufficient insight into their target audience as a significant obstacle.

What is more, 25% of these marketers feel they are unable to gauge the conversion success of their lead generation campaigns as they do not have the systems in place to do so.

In 2017, stop living in the lead generation dark ages. Come into the light with a system that not only connects you to the right data, but can give you this data where you want it for personalised campaigns that will hit your target audience. And that’s not all – make sure your lead generation solution can track all website traffic and interactions to provide you with the right metrics to analyse the success of your campaigns, and reveal the identity of anonymous website traffic, turning it into actionable sales leads.

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