CPB; Looking Forward to An Even Better Future!

2017 was a great year for CPB!

2017 was a great year2017 was a great year for CPB;. We worked hard, invested time, money and resources and, above all, we enjoyed ourselves! Not only that, but we returned fantastic results and finished the year well ahead of target. Our call room, campaign delivery, account management and development teams were supremely busy (and effective). We created, designed, and executed a variety of marketing activities for clients, strengthening relationships, brand awareness and brand loyalty along the way. We embraced new technologies, broadened the services we offer, and further developed our customers’ lead generation opportunities.

In a nutshell, throughout 2017 we:
  • Onboarded 38 new clients
  • Sold 78 data lists
  • Dialled 27,326 contacts from the call room
  • Delivered 46 multi-touch marketing campaigns
  • Had conversations with 17,127 IT decision makers
  • Delivered 486 face-to-face appointments as part of telemarketing campaigns
  • Distributed 1,607 leads to clients
  • Launched 3 new products
  • Ran 175 adverts in TechKnow.online
  • Dispatched 487 marketing emails
  • Attended 131 meetings
  • Travelled 27,346 miles

2017 was a great year but we want 2018 to be even bigger and better! Consequently, we’re not going to rest on our laurels. CPB has started 2018 with the determination to capitalise on 2017’s success. We are always striving to become better and to improve our services and delivery to our clients.

2018 – The Future is Bright!

As part of our 2018 strategy, CPB UK Ltd is pleased to announce organisational changes that will boost competitiveness, accelerate innovation, and improve operational excellence. These changes will make us fitter than ever to deliver unsurpassed data, systems, and marketing campaigns to our customers. The revised structure will create a strengthened company, enabling us to focus on delivering unrivaled multi-touch marketing campaigns to the IT sector.

We are rising to the challenge of the GDPR and are looking forward to the opportunities this new legislation will bring for the B2B marketing community. CPB has always adhered to best-in-class methods of data collection, storage and usage and, as a result, we’re proud to have developed policies that mean we are as GDPR ready as we can be. We firmly believe this represents the opportunity for us to return even better ROI for our customers.

The restructure will drive continued growth from a targeted portfolio of products and services focused on providing industry-leading contact data, marketing automation systems, telemarketing and multi-touch, digital marketing services. The changes are aimed at aligning CPB’s organisational structure to ensure we meet evolving customer needs. Furthermore, our aim is to deliver the continuous transformation required of CPB in the most effective way.

Of the changes, Helen Pritchett, Managing Director, CPB UK Ltd, said:

“CPB UK Ltd is a class leader in data and marketing services for the IT industry. These changes are fundamental to prepare CPB for the next phase of its strategic plan for the period 2018-2023. These actions will further strengthen our company as we deliver our strategy in a changing environment, particularly in light of the GDPR. They are a key step to ensuring the continued alignment of CPB’s capabilities and positioning us as an industry-leading IT marketing services company and will allow us in a good situation to meet our customers’ evolving needs.”

So what next? 2017 was a great year and 2018 will be a year of consolidation and improvement. CPB smashed 2017 with a record year and we’re looking to do the same in 2018.  Most of all, our team is enthusiastic, positive and raring to go and we’re looking forward to it!

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