Maximum Effect with Multi-touch Marketing

Multi-touch marketing lead generationWith an automated multi-touch campaign you maximize effectiveness by reaching out to prospects in a customer-centric way. Highly successful campaigns target audiences with consistent brand messaging across a range of touch points.

Clever use of compelling and continuous communications prevents a discordant approach and develops stronger customer relationships. Multi-touch allows you to layer your messaging. It gives your audience the ability to access your content on their terms. It also enables you to nurture prospects based on preferences and previous behaviours, delivering personalized, relevant messaging.

Deploy multi-touch marketing for maximum effect.

With multi-touch marketing lead generation all elements of a campaign are customisable. All communications can be tailored to the needs of individual campaigns, meaning your messaging is more personal and relevant than ever.

Preparing for a multi-touch marketing approach

The key to a successful multi-touch marketing lead generation campaign is preparation. Spend time creating compelling content and assets, setting strategic trigger points and calls to action. Having a clear campaign flow and schedule is essential. CPB’s custom built multi-touch campaigns create maximum brand awareness and loyalty and nurture engagement to help fulfill your sales pipeline.

Key Features of a Successful Multi-touch Approach


  1. Targeting_with_contact_data_lengoOnboarding: 

    Building the right target audience through accurate segmentation is vital. Segmentation makes messages relevant and prevents over-messaging, meaning your communications remain highly personal. We recommend using a blend of different audiences to generate engagement.

    We use Lengo to segment data. With over 100 searchable fields and built-in marketing automation functionality, Lengo provides superior segmentation to enhance targeting.

  2. Comprehensive_target_data_lengoEngaging:

    An intelligent blend of awareness and engagement communications maximises exposure of campaign messaging. Lengo’s marketing automation functionality enables you to schedule a variety of nurturing communications to be sent out based on audience interactions with your campaign.

    This combined with a TechKnow.Online campaign offers a unique chance to get your message out to an engaged IT audience of 180,000.

  3. email_communications_LengoNurturing:

    Nurture your prospects along the sales funnel and into the qualification process with personalised, targeted follow-up emails. Respond to their interactions with your communications.

    Be customer-centric. Automate your marketing with Lengo to ensure you target prospects with the right messages at the right time to build brand trust, brand loyalty and sales opportunities.

  4. Lead_Generation_and_ROI_LengoMeasuring: 

    Real-time, automated analysis and monitoring allows you to adapt and react to campaign trends and visitor interactions. Don’t miss out on the traffic hitting your website and landing pages from social media and other untraceable sources.

    We use ProspectaTrace to monitor traffic. It profiles companies and contacts, and feeds them directly into your campaign communications flow, thus further increasing your nurturing pool.


Multi-touch marketing helps create brand awareness and

brand loyalty and provides qualified sales opportunities.

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