• Helen Pritchett

5 Components of Successful Telemarketing

There are many factors and components of successful telemarketing, here we share what we see as the top 5. It’s not an exhaustive list but a great starter for ten if you’re planning new marketing campaigns, wondering whether to include telemarketing in the mix and need to understand the crucial components of successful telemarketing.

What creates, or contributes to, successful telemarketing in the modern, digital era? In this post we’ll delve into several specialist telemarketing areas widely acknowledged as delivering successful lead generation and sound ROI.

1. Conversation is King

Why focus on telemarketing in the digital age? It just so happens that picking up the telephone is still one of the most effective lead generation tools in technology marketing. Human to human contact makes a significant impact and is a vital component of any integrated multi-touch, account-based, marketing solution.

Talking to prospects is the best way to discover exactly how you can meet their needs and deliver better ROI. How?

  • Use an account-based marketing approach

  • Contact people when, where and how they prefer

  • Make communications personal and relevant

  • Speak to qualified contacts for more positive nurturing

2. How Smart is Your Data?

Make smart use of smart data. To produce successful lead generation via telemarketing, ensure the data you use is constantly checked, refreshed and packed full of useful personal and infrastructure intelligence.

To really capitalise on your data, develop an account-based telemarketing approach which requires sales and marketing functions to work together, focused on the same list of accounts. Focusing energy and resources into one set of target accounts provides synergy, ensures better alignment and reaps dividends.

Using such intelligence rich, target data means your telemarketing campaigns are more likely to hit their target audience and resonate, delivering proven ROI.

3. Nature vs Nurture?

Breathe new life into your leads with telemarketing that nurtures. A well-thought through, strategic lead nurturing approach is your best long-term tactic to cultivating and developing sales opportunities through proactive telemarketing.

Lead nurturing aims to build a strong foundation and effective communication channel between customers and their target audience. Conducting this through telemarketing provides a deeper understanding of prospects’ needs and a wider view of potential up or cross sell opportunities.

Use a nurturing telemarketing approach to foster medium to long term sales opportunities and by developing trusting relationships.

4. Data Scientists Deliver Detailed Data

Channel development is the ideal approach if you wish to identify and build new business partner relationships or re-ignite dormant partnerships.

To engage with your prospects, you need to understand their preferences; recognising how they tick and identify their personas via data gathering and profiling. Using data scientists to undertake telemarketing can help you obtain the most up to date information through detailed research into individuals, companies, infrastructure, and buying behaviours.

Undertaking this sort of telemarketing provides unsurpassed data accuracy and enables you to target and personalize your messaging for more successful lead generation.

5. Don’t Miss the MQL Boat

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is one which has been deemed more likely [than others] to become a customer. This qualification is based on the lead’s interactions with your marketing activities. Once qualified as an MQL, your next challenge is to decide how to progress this lead. Your customers are busy people and any contact with them must be appropriate, timely and relevant. This can be a challenge. At this early stage of prospect engagement, time really is of the essence!

A specialist MQL Management service, combines expert telemarketing with your very own ‘personal assistant’ to start the lead management process as soon as a lead is qualified.

An MQL service works with a range of telemarketing activities, such as; lead generation, event promotion, channel development and lead nurturing to ensure streamlined lead follow up and better pipeline potential.

In conclusion.

Telemarketing isn’t rocket science. It’s simply about great data, innovative strategies and using these to have engaging conversations and deliver inspiring campaigns. Use everything at your disposal to incorporate telemarketing into your wider marketing strategy and it will pay dividends, delivering successful lead generation. People respond to people. People buy people. Relationships are built and trust is gained when talking. For lead generation that works, incorporate telemarketing into your next marketing campaign.

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