• Helen Pritchett

Beat the Back to Work Blues with an Autumn Reset

Prepare for Going Back to Work with an Autumn Reset

The summer holidays are over and we are all back at the coal face. Whether that be school, college, uni or work, we have all started the next chapter. It’s time for an autumn reset. The question is, how do we prepare ourselves for this and maintain positivity when all we really want is to be back on our sun beds, soaking up the rays and drinking a piña colada?

Before you chuck it all in, sell the house and disappear off to a Greek island, we thought we should share some top tips on finding fulfillment this autumn. As an article in The Telegraph points out, it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. The mood drop might seem inevitable but, according to the Chartered Management Institute, there are tactics to counteract this gloom and create a brighter autumn.

Simple Steps Include:

  • Reassess your career and life goals – ensure you are on the right track and either get your head down or make a change!

  • Transform your workspace – if you are going to be productive you need an environment which supports this goal. Declutter and simplify to create a better space in which to work.

  • Tackle the emails – no doubt a daunting task but filter by sender and delete anything that doesn’t need actioning, looks like spam or that you were simply cc’d on.

The Huffington Post offers an ‘ultimate guide to September reset’ with advice that includes setting goals, resetting your exposure to tech, tweaking your morning routine, putting self-care and exercise at the top of your agenda and getting your finances in order.

The essence of all this advice is that September gives us a chance to reassess and reflect. To take stock of the first 8 months of the year, to look at what we have achieved and what we still want to accomplish. More than anything, it is the time for a positive outlook, for looking forwards, not backwards. It’s the perfect time to review your annual strategy, checking whether it is on track and if not, making plans to get it back there.

September isn’t just the time for our children to have a fresh start. For them, a new academic year provides the chance to work harder, make new friends and achieve more. Even as adults we can benefit from the positivity this time of year brings. We too can work harder, achieve more, realise our potential and deliver better results for our employers and ourselves. You can even buy yourself a new pen and notebook if it makes you feel better!

After the slow pace of summer it’s time to get back on track, rekindle customer relationships and kick start new business growth. It’s time to focus on both the positives and the negatives, to look at what to stop, start and continue. Is your sales and marketing strategy on track? If it is, how can you be even more successful and ensure you beat your targets? If not, do you have the resources to change direction or try new activities to make hitting your target realistic? Can you do this in house or do you need the edge provided by an external agency which can give new insight and expedite innovative strategies and activities to bolster your internal tactics.

Review, Reflect and Refocus

Take the opportunity to give your team a pep talk. Help them understand what your objectives are, what is expected of them and how you can support them to make the magic happen. Consider meeting with other departments to ensure you’re all working in parallel, with the same purpose. In both instances be positive and motivational and encourage participation. Reiterate the great things you’ve accomplished as a team, and refocus on goals to achieve in the future; both by the end of this year and long term. Find time to reconnect with clients, customers and suppliers. Build relationships, improve lines of communication and create potential and opportunities. For more information and further tips read this blog from Proposify.

It’s Time for the Autumn Reset

Above all, this is a time of year that we should look ahead and concentrate on what we enjoy at work. Find the positives and, once reflected upon, eschew the negatives. Focus on building for the future, delivering the best possible products and services and developing pipeline.