• Helen Pritchett

Benefits of Working with a Specialist Marketing Agency

Partner with Experts – why choose a specialist marketing agency

When you need help with something you’re unfamiliar with, or lack expertise on, what do you do? Look for a solution from someone who has broad knowledge, or look for an expert with specific focus on whatever is proving a challenge? You wouldn’t see a GP about a specific heart condition, you’d see a specialist consultant. You wouldn’t seek assistance from a general gardener to remove an old decaying tree, you’d employ am experienced tree surgeon.

It’s the same with marketing. Although it is often said marketing is common sense (and in many ways it is), agencies are generally focused on a particular industry, product or service offering specialist services into specific vertical markets or industries.

The issue many companies have when considering how to meet their objectives is whether to grow their in-house marketing teams or to partner with a specialist agency? The answer will very much depend on size of company, expertise with the team and ability to expand. Neither approach is wrong and will very much be dependent on the needs and strategies of each organisation.

Embrace the Need for Expertise

One thing to consider is where your team’s strengths lie and how you can foster these. Partnering with an agency means that your team can stick to (and develop) their core strengths rather than having to be jack-of-all-trades and stretch themselves too thin. Embracing the need for expertise shouldn’t been considered a negative, it can help to develop a strong in-house team better able to deliver on company objectives.

Your team will also benefit from learning from agency experts who will bring fresh insights and ideas, breathing new life into creative marketing departments that may be suffering from an element of stagnation. Putting an end to such potential creative lethargy will also help to prevent employee churn by giving them the opportunity to learn, develop and hone news skills.

Specialist agencies should be well versed in what your competitors are up to and be able to suggest new and inspiring campaign ideas to help you stand out from the crowd. Agencies also know what will (and won’t) go down well with your target audience. They are specialists because they have invested years in getting under the skin of your sector, understanding how it ticks and developing campaigns and strategies that work.

Never Stop Learning

Marketing agencies always keep a close eye on what is going on in their specialist sector and can add significant value to the knowledge in your team, Not only that but agencies also tend to be more aware of new technologies, ideas and emerging technologies which they can bring to the party to add sparkle and pizazz into your next campaign.

This level of expert knowledge can be extremely handy securing and expanding your profile in the industry sector. Your agency will know what’s been done before, what worked well, what fell at the first hurdle and what the current industry challenges are. Additionally, as they are so well versed in your industry, they can hit the ground running without delays caused by time consuming research, planning and preparation.

8 Pretty Compelling Benefits of Working With a Specialist Agency

Rebexit has come up with 8 benefits of going into partnership to help you decide what’s the best route for you. If you feel as though you are stretched too far and that your brain has too many tabs open your department and team might need external support. In brief these are as follows (for more information, read the article);

  • Expertise across the board

  • Cost

  • Efficiency and productivity

  • Results and responsibility

  • Larger network and access to advanced tools and knowledge

  • Stability

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Outside perspective

Additionally, the expertise level of external agencies is incredibly high. Agency employees go through vigorous training from vendors and manufacturers, including spending time in-house in order to fully understand products and services. Campaign briefing meetings are lengthy and detailed and result in agency staff being highly and able to act as ambassadors for client’s products.

What Next? 

The Orientation Agency gives some advice on how you might go about deciding whether or not you should stay in house or venture to a partner agency. Thy suggest asking yourself 3 questions before you consider contracting out:

If any of these questions raise concerns, it would be worth considering the benefits of working with a specialist marketing agency. Benefits include:

  1. Accessing specialist knowledge, expertise and services

  2. Getting a fresh perspective

  3. Freeing up your time

  4. ROI

To Sum up the Benefits of Working with Specialists

It goes without saying that a specialist agency will cost you money, but the benefits you will reap, in terms of your pipeline, bottom line and the fresh new perspective on your marketing will bring significant dividends to your business.

Unfortunately, the decision is often controlled by available budget. We concur with Orientation Agency, if an organisation does possess budget, partnering with a specialist marketing agency is generally a good idea. The right marketing agency can act as an integral part of your internal marcomms team, providing additional opportunities for growth, both in terms of personnel and product, and greater brand exposure.