• Helen Pritchett

Capitalise on Data Intelligence

Updated: May 6, 2021

Your data holds significant intelligence with the capacity to aid revenue generation - are you making the most of it?

Data is intelligent, dynamic, relevant and packed full of insight. It can be sliced and diced as required to deliver the right level of bespoke criteria demanded by each customer and each campaign. It can be used proactively and responsively to improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Even as recently as 5 years ago this might have sounded a little far fetched but as databases and data management systems have developed, we find ourselves able to gather, store and manipulate data in a way that delivers ever more timely and relevant insight and information.

Marketing has become data-driven, using the intelligence in databases to execute targeted, customized and personalised campaigns. Furthermore, modern databases and data management systems are not only packed with intelligence, they also enable organisations to create customer-centric campaigns, putting customers (quite rightly) at the centre of your marketing activity.

What’s most important to marketers, however, is the ability to combine this data-driven intelligence with good old-fashioned human to human contact to bring about positive sales results and grow their revenue streams.

Data-Driven Marketing

A comprehensive, accurate and well-organised database will accelerate end user focused marketing and sales strategies. Use of the intelligent data within such a database allows you to send personalised content and timely, targeted messaging to your prospects. The right contact data will help you build trust and brand loyalty.

Data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to nurture prospects from top to bottom of funnel.

Bespoke End User Data Intelligence Designed For The IT Industry

ProspectaBase holds intelligent IT contact data on over 300,000 contacts and 110,000 IT decision makers. Crucially, this data not only includes contact details but also key aspects of IT installations, existing infrastructure, and renewals information.

With accurate records on 19,700 UK organisations with 100+ network users, ProspectaBase represents 94% of the UK's 100+ network users market. What is more, constant cleansing means ProspectaBase is continually striving to profile existing records and uncover new contacts/organisations to add to the database.

ProspectaBase offers a range of services designed to improve the use of and results from data-driven marketing. Whether you want to ensure you have clean data and are CTPS and GDPR compliant, or wish to dig deeper into your database to find the most profitable prospects to target, we offer a data service that will suit you.

Size Matters

ProspectaBase is the only IT marketing database to use size criteria based on PC/network users, server numbers (virtual and actual), network component and data storage amounts. It offers a multitude of hardware searchable fields including storage vendor, server vendor and networking components.

​The applications intelligence ProspectaBase holds includes:

  • Database software

  • Server virtualisation software

  • Storage management software

  • Security software applications#Users

ProspectaBase also provides access to an easy-to-use segmentation tool, IntelliData, making targeting and personalisation simple and incredibly effective, even with the biggest, most unwieldy database.

Segmentation allows you to drill down to target specific prospects based on particular criteria such as:

  • Number of users/seats

  • Physical server volume

  • Virtual server volume

  • Total data stored

If you want data-driven marketing to work for you, tap into ProspectaBase and uncover the best IT end user data intelligence to drive successful marketing campaigns in the IT sector. The database offers unsurpassed contact data, including technical infrastructure and installation details, renewals intelligence and current supplier information.

Using smart IT contact data makes targeting simple and effective. Get your targeting right and your marketing message on point, and, lead generation and conversion will soon follow.

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