• Helen Pritchett

Engage and Nurture Using Digital Marketing

Updated: May 6, 2021

Digital marketing can help engage and nurture your prospects

We live in a digital environment with technology causing end user engagement habits to change rapidly. Activities to reach your target audience must now be more innovative and a whole multitude of channels should be utilised, including digital, social, telemarketing and eMarketing.

Your ideal marketing strategy should deliver bespoke campaigns combining digital and social with human 2 human telemarketing. This will help you access your audience with timely, personalized, relevant messaging, building relationships, raising brand awareness and, ultimately, delivering qualified leads.

For modern marketing success, use a combination of digital and social services to create demand and generate leads.

Capitalise on digital and social lead generation activities to spark imagination, inspire prospects and encourage action to buy. Digital marketing is vital in multi-touch marketing to engage and nurture prospects and create demand.

SMS is one of the most accessible forms of communication. Mobile phone use is ubiquitous and permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages is becoming increasingly popular with marketers.

SMS can be used to complement other marketing activities in order to engage and nurture using digital marketing

SMS and Event Promotion

Combine SMS with existing event promotion activities which will support one another in taking your event to market, adding an additional outreach & nurture channel to build loyalty and event awareness.

SMS comes into play once registrations are received. Initially delegates receive a 'thank you for registering' text and regular contact is then maintained, keeping delegates abreast of news and updates on your event. Keeping in touch via SMS enables you to nurture and build your relationship with your delegates. You can send regular updates until the day of the event advising delegates of news such as speaker and agenda updates.

On event day itself you can continue to interact with delegates, reminding them which sessions they have signed up to and any agenda changes.

Post-event, use SMS to keep in touch with delegates, sending them links to evaluation and feedback surveys and providing information of other, similar, events in the future.


Combine SMS with an AQL service where acquisition of leads is complemented by a calendar grabber confirming the web appointment, appointment or telephone call.

This distinction ensures that leads given to clients are 100% sound, having been confirmed using a remote mailbox feature. This prevents any 'missed' appointments as the lead has accepted and confirmed the appointment.

SMS communications are used to keep in touch with the lead, to send further communications such as product updates or datasheets and appointment reminders (this final element further cements the appointment itself). We find the risk of appointment slip is greatly reduced when adding SMS communications into the appointment setting marcomms mix.

SMS and TechKnow.Online

Combine SMS with a digital marketing platform such as the TechKnow.Online publication, which delivering the latest news, views and reviews from the IT channel to an IT focused, engaged database of 160,000.

Clients advertise in TechKnow.Online to access the substantial readership, combining adverts with white paper syndication and product launch news.

SMS communications complement the existing advertising opportunities. If content is downloaded or clicked on, we can follow up with relevant, personalised product information. Ongoing contact helps to build brand awareness and brand trust.

Engage and Nurture Using Digital Marketing

SMS isn’t just for arranging to meet your friends on a Friday night. SMS should become part of your marketing arsenal to deliver a multi-touch, holistic approach to demand creation and lead generation.