• Helen Pritchett

Great Data Delivers ROI

Updated: May 6, 2021

Contact data quality is the key to successful marketing campaigns. Success depends on using accurate, consistent, reliable data from a trusted source that has proven results.

CPB data has repeatedly demonstrated its lead generation capabilities through both telemarketing and emarketing campaigns and through its data. Data is stored and sourced from ProspectaBase, our sister company. A trusted data provider for over 20 years, our data is designed to accelerate end user focused marketing and deliver you ROI.

Our data is IT industry specific, with over 300,000 UK contacts and over 110,000 IT decision makers. Focused and precise, this level of emphasis means that we don’t dilute our data. Our data scientists are experts in the technology and IT world and this expertise and detail means our data comes under intense scrutiny before being added to, or released from, our database for customers to use.

Working in partnership, CPB and ProspectaBase have collated the most comprehensive IT industry database in the UK. Developed specifically for the IT and technology world, the data is unrivalled in its depth and breadth of intelligence. Several services have also been developed which help our customers make the very best of all the data intelligence at their fingertips.

So Clean It Squeaks

It's a legal requirement that companies don't make marketing calls to CTPS registered numbers. If you do, you would be in breach of data protection legislation and liable for a fine. Companies must ensure that the data they use is checked against the CTPS before individuals are contacted. This is why it's vital to purchase data that has been regularly checked

CTPS Checker from ProspectaBase is a service that enables you to market with confidence knowing that any data you use is checked against CTPS records. Whether it’s your own data or that which you’ve purchased.

​Manipulate Data to Achieve Goals

By manipulating data you can get right to the heart of the available intelligence, and identify your customers with the most potential for profitability. DataBeat is a service which enables you to understand or analyse your profitable customers, prospects or target market sweet spot and to use this knowledge to target other, similar, organisations.

DataBeat adds ProspectaBase intelligence to your existing data; injecting new life into potentially stale data, uncovering new potential opportunities with your most profitable customers and identifying new target accounts.

Understanding key demographics or trends amongst your profitable customers allows you to focus efforts on targeting similar organisations. Customer relations are about human to human interactions and it reassures us to know we’re purchasing from entities that already have known experience with similar calibre set-ups, projects and operations. With DataBeat you can analyse existing customers and create a strategy to define a database of prospects that fits a similar criteria to those end users already fulfilling your bottom line.

Bye Bye Mickey Mouse, Hello Accurate Data Collection

PureData is a service which helps clients that carry out external digital content syndication via web forms or events badge scans to collect clean and intelligent B2B marketing data. PureData eliminates ‘mickey mouse’ form fills to avoid compliance issues and injects only the most pure and accurate B2B data into your CRM database. It’s a service which turns dirty data into clean data and adds accurate infrastructure intelligence to create intelligence rich leads for marketing.

Target, Focus, Engage, Succeed

Once you’ve got your data ducks in a row it’s time to think about how you’ll use them and how you’ll target your chosen audience. IntelliData is your solution to simple online data segmentation to support your marketing campaigns.

Data is transferred into our marketing automation engine and is cleansed and churned to create accurate, clean B2B marketing lists to sync with your strategy. ​This clean data is then segmented according to campaign requirements and used as and when necessary, safe in the knowledge that you're targeting the right people at the right time with the right information.

In conclusion, great data delivers ROI. Choose unrivalled, clean and accurate IT industry data from CPB and ProspectaBase for bespoke end user intelligence that really works and delivers ROI.

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