• Helen Pritchett

How Passion Drives Sales

Passion doesn't just drive love; when you're as dedicated as we are, passion drives sales.

We’re passionate about marketing, passionate about data and passionate about technology. Put these passions together and you get the perfect combination for a specialist IT marketing services agency.

This passion has resulted in the success we’ve achieved over the past 22 years, and much of this is due to our account-based marketing (ABM) approach. We inspire interactions and generation leads through focused ABM marketing and accurate UK end user IT contact data.

Why Are We Passionate About ABM?

It’s pretty straightforward, as a sales approach, ABM encourages action, creates demand and generates leads.

It’s a profile-based approach which requires sales and marketing functions to work together, focused on the same list of accounts. Concentrating energy and resources into one set of target accounts provides synergy, ensures better alignment and reaps dividends. Not only that, but it helps your departments work more closely together, encouraging teamwork and better internal relationships.

Rather than broad ‘spray and pray’ marketing campaigns to thousands in an attempt to engage with the few who show interest, ABM targets specific companies in a bid to engage with key decision makers and then build on and nurture that relationship to open up new, future sales opportunities.

The attention to detail, personalized approach and tailored messaging of this approach provides many benefits to customers. Using ABM, we provide customers with expertly delivered, bespoke lead generation campaigns, which save them time and resources.

ABM is a fluid service; we capitalise on this flexibility and fluidity to give clients what they want, building bespoke packages of lead generation services to meet their needs.

3 Reasons To Adopt Account-based Marketing:

  1. Targeted, personalised marketing: ABM gives marketers the opportunity to create more personalized messaging. Say farewell to blanket messaging, it’s time to focus on your target audience.

  2. Efficient use of marketing resource: ABM structures marketing efforts on key accounts to drive the most ROI. This narrow focus optimises the use of your most valuable resources: time and money.

  3. Improved Customer Acquisition: ABM isn’t new but it is effective. It focuses on nurturing key customers and prospects. It eliminates the poor leads and shines a greater spotlight on the process of customer acquisition.

Fall Back In Love With Sales

With ABM’s ability to generates targeted sales success you may well find yourselves falling back in love with sales by revitalising your sales and marketing teams and reaping the rewards.

ABM works brilliantly with targeted, multi-touch marketing, enabling you to deliver personalized marketing which resonates with your target accounts, improving lead generation.

This allows you to identify the specific needs of target accounts and send relevant, personalized communications to meet these needs. In our experience, this approach can produce excellent results, particularly when targeting high-value customers.

And, what’s more, ABM doesn’t cost the earth. Traditionally, personalized and targeted marketing could be costly but marketing automation enables the deployment of an ABM strategy for lower investment and on a larger scale.

How To Get Started With ABM

  1. Identify a number of target accounts: ask your sales team!

  2. Research chosen accounts: start on a company level and work your way up to identifying key decision makers

  3. Create relevant, personalised, compelling content

  4. Right content, right person right time: get your message to the right contact

  5. Emails still work! According to research from ITSMA: 92% of executives pay attention to unsolicited email25% of executives read unsolicited email that contains relevant ideas for their business78% of decision makers have taken appointments or attended an event as the result of a cold email approach

  6. Consider the marcomms mix of DM and telemarketing combined with digital marketing

  7. Measure and evaluate: invest in a new way of evaluating your campaigns. As a marketer, you’ll need to get your head around tracking activities and engagement from single digit accounts rather than tracking volume of impressions or the number of website visits and leads.

In conclusion, ABM isn’t new but its approach does help to structure your marketing energies and resources on your key accounts to drive the most revenue. By integrating sales and marketing efforts, you focus your marketers to work directly with sales to target and develop content for key accounts. When sales and marketing teams are aligned and focused on the same target account, they put more resources into engaging with the B2B buyer and less on activities that do not move the buyer along the sales funnel.

Mass marketing messages to prospects and customers do have their place, but it is commonly accepted that the more personalized and targeted our campaign are, the better they perform. Stop the ‘spray and pray’ approach and rekindle your passion with ABM that delivers on strategic objectives and ROI.