• Helen Pritchett

Open Relationships in 2020 with Expert Telemarketing

This blog is designed to help you consider how easy it is to open relationship with expert telemarketing in 2020.

Telemarketing isn’t about closing sales, it’s how you open relationships. It’s about having in-depth knowledge of your product, understanding how it can solve your customers’ challenges and applying this knowledge to build relationships and meet their needs.

To capitalise on marketing funds (and if you don’t have an in-house team at your disposal) it makes sense to use a specialist technology telemarketing agency, which will provide expertly delivered demand creation campaigns, saving you time and resources.

How You Can Open Relationships with Expert Telemarketing (and why specialist technology telemarketing matters)

Picking up the telephone is still one of the most effective lead generation tools in technology telemarketing. Yes, we know all about the benefits of social and digital, however, much of marketing is about basics and building a rapport through human to human contact.

Telemarketing makes a significant impact and is a vital component of an integrated multi-touch, account-based marketing solution. Talking helps to open doors and build relationships. It helps to develop trust and raises brand awareness.In this competitive age, to win new customers you need a unique differentiator.

Conversation is King

Talking to prospects is the best way to discover exactly how you can meet their needs. It’s not just about content, we believe it’s about conversation. You can successfully open relationships through expert telemarketing by adopting an account-based marketing approach. Contact people when, where and how they prefer. We believe that making communications personal and relevant results in better ROI. Speaking to qualified contacts enables CPB to nurture prospects through the sales funnel quickly and proactively, resulting in rapid pipeline results.

What is more, we make smart use of data. The constant refreshing and building of the data in our data partner‘s database means we can deliver targeted, personalized, profiled marketing communications.

Once the doors to the relationship have been opened and the conversation has started, we use a strategic lead nurturing methodology as a long-term approach to cultivating and developing sales opportunities.

Lead nurturing aims to build a strong foundation and effective communication channel between customers and their target audience, providing a deep understanding of prospects’ needs and a wide view of potential opportunities.

We nurture through follow up telemarketing and also introduce digital marketing, allowing us to keep prospects up to date on product news, raise brand awareness and establish up or cross sell opportunities.

Make 2020 the Year When you Open Relationships

CPB’s telemarketing agents are experts in opening relationships. Why? It’s all down to the number of calls we make and conversations we have.

CPB UK delivered 218 telemarketing campaigns, dialling 288,386 numbers and speaking to 19,277 decision makers or senior influencers. When you are making over 1,100 calls a day, you’re going to have some interesting and beneficial conversations. It’s really no wonder that so many of these convert to leads for our clients.

In 2019, our conversations resulted in

  • 1,872 sales opportunities

  • 93 leads converted into won business with a value of £3.8m

  • Our live pipeline, still waiting to be closed, currently values £2.6m

At CPB we pride ourselves on opening relationships and uncovering opportunities which we can nurture to conversion. We specialise in channel development – a perfect route for IT vendors and distributors who wish to identify and build new business partner relationships or simply to re-ignite partnerships that may have gone dormant.

Open relationships with expert telemarketing; contact us for a data sample today.