• Helen Pritchett

Lead Generation Success Step 3: Content Creation

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Once you’ve developed your campaign (if you missed the last blog please refer to Step 2) you’re ready to create your compelling content.

Personalised, data-driven marketing is vital for the success of any lead generation campaign. These days, people expect bespoke communications which are personalised and relevant. What’s the point in sharing the amount of personal data we do if companies can’t deliver targeted, personalised communications? Sending out the right message to the right group of people at the right time is vital. Sending the right message to the wrong group, or to the right group at the wrong time, will fall on deaf ears.

Compelling content creation is crucial to ensuring your messages are accurately presented and your brands positioned in such a way that captures the imagination of your audience. Engagement and interaction should be your objective is and compelling content creation is key to achieving this.

Step 3 is all about designing personal & relevant content for your communications. It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s pretty basic. Refer to your buying personas, think about the challenges and pain points your products/services solve. Consider how you would want to be engaged and create content to appeal to all your potential customers.

  1. Design content and value propositions to suit the profiled intelligence and carefully created audience segments. For example, if you have profiled commercial companies as having challenges with increasing costs on their network support contracts, create messaging around bringing down costs and how much your solution could save them

  2. Attract attention by focusing not only the body of the email but also the subject line and header

  3. Use promotions and discounts where relevant

  4. Consider creative design, language and positioning; don’t leave any area to chance

  5. Test, test, test your despatch

  • Carry out some A/B testing on your launch, to ascertain which subject line is resonating best with your audience segment, or which day/time to send your communication etc.

In summary; integrate your marketing and sales ideas, keep the audience small, research until you can’t research anymore and KEEP IT PERSONAL!