• Helen Pritchett

Lead Generation Success Step 4: Dispatch, Measure and Analyse

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Once you’ve created your content (if you missed the last blog please refer to Step 3) you’re ready to send out your campaign and await the results. This blog focuses on how important it is to successfully dispatch, measure and analyse your campaign.

You know what you’re sending, who you’re sending it to, why you’re sending it and when. Your content (including any promotional offers or discounts) is compelling, your communications are designed to inspire, and your campaign structure is calculated to target the right people at the right time.

Getting the dispatch right might seem like the end of your campaign journey, but it’s not! You can’t simply close the book when the email or DM piece has gone out or the telemarketing campaign completed. You’ve worked hard to define your audience, develop your campaign and create your content; now is the time to capitalise on your hard work.

Dispatch, Measure, Analyse: Don’t neglect the follow up!

You’ve grabbed the attention of your audience and it is now keen to know more. It’s time to kick start phase 2. No matter what mediums you have used for contact, there’ll be options for follow up. Send a reminder DM, make follow up phone calls or send follow up emailers. For digital comms, you’ll have web analytics in place so now is the time to ensure any online interactions are quickly followed up, contacted.

Neglect to monitor your interactions at your peril. Reap the benefits by measuring and analysing all engagement and responding with relevant information, offers or promotions. Keep your contact’s interest, give them a reason to want to do business with you.

Top tips for the final stages of any campaign and ongoing nurturing:

1. Dispatch

  • Choose the time of your dispatch carefully

  • Ensure you stick to your campaign structure as defined in Step 2 but be prepared to be flexible should things change or interactions and engagement dictates

  • Ensure all follow up coms are ready to be send out dependent on prospect engagement and interactions

2. Measure

  • Keep track on interactions and any engagement and follow up accordingly

  • Be flexible – react and respond based on individual needs

  • Keep campaign momentum going, relevance and timely communications are key

3. Analyse: nurture & engage

  • Keep monitoring activity and respond accordingly

  • Nurture contacts with further relevant communications

  • Handover warm, interacting contacts to the sales team for qualification

  • Keep nurturing!

In summary; integrate your marketing and sales ideas, keep the audience small, research until you can’t research anymore and KEEP IT PERSONAL!