• Helen Pritchett

Lead Nurturing Converts Prospects into Customers

Everyone loves to be nurtured, and, as cognisant creatures, we love to nurture. It’s built into our DNA to care, nurture, and cherish. We are sociable beings and are designed to foster and build relationships. However, in a business environment, nurturing can be hard work. Sales cycles can be long and low hanging fruit can seem more attractive. But building and developing relationships through trust is invaluable and is worth the effort.

How well your organisation can nurture is often down to the size and stretch of your sales team. In current COVID-19 times, with many staff still furloughed and possible redundancies to come, sales teams are at full stretch. This can result in lower capacity to nurture, the risk of losing existing customers and not adequately cultivating prospective customers. If this sounds like a challenge you are facing, read on.

Is outsourcing the answer?

If nurturing is taking a back seat to staying afloat, it’s time to consider an outsourced lead nurturing approach. Outsourcing means that key sales revenue earning team members are not tied up dealing with low value or prospect customers. Salespeople have a mission – to convert leads and bring in purchase orders.

In more normal times in house nurturing is simple. Potential customers can be kept ticking over until a conversion occurs and sales teams can spend time maintaining these relationships. Now, when time and energy is at a premium and staffing is at a minimum, these energies need to be focused on the highest revenue earning potential.

Adopting an outsourced approach gives sales teams the ability to focus on sales and planning for Q1 2021. Looking to the immediate future for a revenue stream. Concurrently, engaging the services of an agency to nurture prospects on your behalf and feed them into the funnel will mean you’re lining up potential revenue streams for fruition in 2021.

How does lead nurturing work?

Lead nurturing is designed to cultivate and develop sales opportunities over the long-term. The approach aims to build an effective communication channel and strong foundation with your target audience, providing a deep understanding of the prospects’ needs and a wide view of all potential opportunities within the account. A lead nurturing strategy will use tactics such as multi-touch marketing and account-based marketing to deliver appropriate content and personalised, relevant marketing to target customers.

​An outsourced lead nurturing approach is ideal for clients who need to concentrate on immediate prospects and don’t have the means or resource in-house to develop medium to long term sales opportunities.

Lead nurturing uses a personal approach through telemarketing but also marketing automation to send personalized and relevant content to prospects and customers at every stage of their buying journeys.

How do you nurture B2B prospects?

  1. Develop targeted content: identify personas based on their characteristics like previous buying behaviours, interests, objectives, and marketing triggers.

  2. Use multi-touch marketing: effective multi-touch campaigns include a combination of marketing automation, eMarketing, social, paid ads, dynamic web content and direct telemarketing.

  3. Regular contact: the more touch points you have with a prospect, the more likely they are to buy. Show them relevant content on a regular basis.

  4. Create personalised content: use the data you have available to deliver personalised content based on prospect actions and marketing triggers. Never ignore interactions.

  5. Be timely: follow up leads in a timely manner, acting quickly will show the prospect their enquiry is important.

  6. Develop a lead scoring process: determine which leads should be followed up with directly by a sales rep and which leads need to be nurtured more.

  7. Embrace account-based marketing: ABM aligns sales and marketing in a proactive way and, in so doing, enables lead nurturing strategies to be more successful and customer retention rates to improve.

If your organisation can deliver all of the above in-house, you’re good to go! If not, and you need to consider outsourcing, you might like to learn more about CPB’s lead nurturing approach by downloading the datasheet.

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