• Helen Pritchett

Promote your technology event to get the best results

Promote your technology event to raise brand awareness and build sales pipeline. We all agree that events, well planned and well executed, positively promote new products or services and provide an agreeable environment for establishing and maintaining business relationships. 

The question is, how do you promote your technology event to get the most bang for your marketing buck?

Events are an asset in any marketing strategy. They are also a huge investment. Just think about all the effort put into planning, positioning your product or service, creating marketing collateral, choosing a venue, deciding upon catering and booking guest speakers. You need to ensure that your event is marketed effectively and to the right audience. Have you ever considered outsourcing technology event promotion to an agency? There are huge benefits in partnering with an organisation skilled at taking events to market and which has the data available to attract engaged, interested bums on seats. After all, it’s not about getting any old delegate registered, it’s about getting the right people, at the right decision making level and with the right interest in your products to take time our of their busy schedules to turn up and hear what you have to say. Life is busy and time is short. Your invitation, event agenda and content need to be compelling and dynamic. You must give people a reason to want to attend.

An uphill struggle? Possibly. 

Insurmountable? No.

In this digital environment end user engagement habits are constantly changing. When deciding how to promote your technology event, activities to reach your target audience must be increasingly innovative. Additionally, a multi-channel approach should be used, making the most of a range of platforms such as digital, social, telemarketing and eMarketing. But most importantly, you need to choose an agency that understands your business and your audience. Take CPB UK Ltd. Having worked with the IT industry since 1998, CPB has an excellent understanding of how to position and promote technology events to an engaged end user audience.

With exclusive access to ProspectaBase, the UK’s leading IT Industry end user database, each campaign is complemented with use of intelligence rich target data. This means CPB also has access to the IT intelligence to enable you to target your event promotion campaigns at those people who we know are already using similar products, and whose renewal dates are imminent – making them ripe for fruitful conversations.

CPB also has unique access to techknow.online, a leading web-based technology publication delivering the latest news, views and reviews from the IT channel. It is a consolidated news depository, rapidly becoming recognised as ‘the’ site to discover not only what is happening in the technology world, but also to promote technology products, services and events.

The site’s core audience consists of senior IT and technical contacts within the UK, however, it also attracts interest from all over the world. The online presence is supported by Techknow.Buzz, a fortnightly enewsletter, that is distributed to over 100,000 senior IT contacts throughout the UK. It contains the biggest stories, the latest updates and featured articles from TechKnow.Online.

TechKnow also capitalises on its social channels TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook, to further promote client products and events through advertising opportunities linked to news articles. This is a route which has been proven to gain a significant amount of interest, engagement and traction.

Exploiting a combination of outreach channels, CPB successfully markets IT events, promoting them to a targeted audience; raising awareness and driving attendance.

How to choose a partner agency to help promote your technology event … When looking for a partner agency for event promotion, it’s important to look for these specific aspects:

  • The ability to access the right data for your target market

  • The capacity to segment such data to identifying potential delegates, companies and individuals

  • Understanding of your target market and how to promote into it

  • Thorough experience of audience acquisition

  • The capacity to nurture registrations until the day of the event

  • Delivery to you of attendance confirmation and verification of turnout

  • Post-event follow up and evaluation including a post-event survey

6 steps to technology event promotion success

STEP 1: TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE Define your target audience using intelligent industry data and then approach them via telemarketing, eMarketing and social.

STEP 2: TELEMARKETING ACTIVITY Follow up all contacts by telephone to qualify them and confirm registrations. Contact details are entered into registration landing page by telemarketing agents and confirmation emails sent to delegates.

STEP 3: SHOUT ABOUT IT! Set up weekly communications to be sent to each registered delegate. Keep them updated on the event agenda, guest speakers, venue logistics, etc. Ensure all communications are personal, timely and relevant.

STEP 4: THANK YOU Send an automatic “thank you for registering” email to each contact’s email address and an SMS to their mobile phone. Again, ensure communications are personal and relevant.

STEP 5: FORGET ME NOT Use telemarking agents to make courtesy calls confirming registrations and as a reminder of the event. Reminder email and SMS alerts should also be dispatched highlighting top industry speakers and any new items on the agenda.

STEP 6: EVENT DAY Send SMS messages onsite providing speaker and agenda updates. Also, begin post-event activity ensuring all data is gathered and analysed.  This can include lead generation reports, event feedback and surveys.