• Helen Pritchett

Telemarketing is Proving Highly Effective Whilst Working From Home

Updated: May 6, 2021

Telemarketing is proving highly effective during the working from home scenario made necessary by COVID-19. At CPB, our call room agents have been beavering away from home, making calls and actually talking to people. Yes, getting through and having conversations. No gatekeepers, few voicemails, and no daunting receptionists! Productivity on telemarketing campaigns is high and results even higher. From campaigns started in the 8 weeks since lockdown began, CPB agents have secured leads which have resulted in approaching £1.5 million worth of pipeline for our customers. Picking up the phone is working

CPB tackled working from home head on throughout lockdown and, even now the restrictions have been relaxed, is continuing to generate fruitful results. Customers are planning, purchasing and running marketing campaigns to the IT sector, including a high percentage of telemarketing campaigns. Telemarketing is proving fruitful as CPB has a large number of mobile phone numbers in its database and so we are confident in our ability to get hold of the right people and active decision makers. It is our data that is setting us apart and giving us the capacity to return great results (and pipeline) for our customers.

IT departments are not closed for business

IT decision makers currently have time to talk, reflect, deliberate and purchase. Whilst remote working brings its initial flashpoints and challenges of ensuring everyone has the right hardware, software and VPN access, once it is in place, IT departments revert to monitoring and reacting to situations. With fewer office-based staff, IT teams are less stretched and decision makers have the time to be more strategic. They can spend the time to consider renewal or replacement of existing technologies, or, indeed, adoption of new technologies (particularly with a view to our ‘new normal’ remote working).

Timing is everything. Now is the time

If you are considering an IT marketing campaign to promote products and services, don’t be put off by Coronavirus. Working from home is keeping the economy going and companies are maintaining a high level of productivity. The country is not stagnating, interest is being registered, decisions and are being made and purchase orders are being signed off. Now is a good time to promote your products and services as IT departments have more time to consider the features and benefits.