• Helen Pritchett

Top Tips for Successful B2B eMarketing

Whatever your stance on traditional versus digital marketing and all the nuances in between, it is clear that eMarketing still has a significant role to play in the modern marketing mix. Social might be ubiquitous, and growing, but it’s not everyone’s ‘go to’ platform. According to Campaign Monitor there are 3 times more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. Furthermore, you are 6 times more likely to get a click through from an email than from Twitter.

Even in the age of social media, eMarketing has one of the highest ROI results of any marketing channel. Why? Because it can be tailored, personalised and designed to meet the needs of individuals. It sounds straightforward, but there are key elements you should consider in order to make your eMarketing campaign fly.

Step 1: Establish Your Objectives

It sounds obvious but being clear about your goals at the initial stage will save time, energy and resources later on. Don’t rush straight in, take a while to consider your aims and objectives. Research and understand your audience and develop a targeted approach.

Step 2: Create Your Personalisation Strategy

Be in tune with your target audience’s recent behaviours and preferences. You’ve got access to intelligent data so use it to get under the skin of targets by clever segmentation and personalisation.

Step 3: Review Every Element of Your Email (no matter how small)

Sender, subject line, pre-header, header, body content, CTA and even the footer are all equally as important. Check your grammar, A/B test, consider length based on size of preview window, consider images and alt tags, make content compelling and add tracking urls to all links and CTAs.

Step 4: Ensure Your Data is Accurate

Check you have data for all personalised fields, there’s nothing less personal than receiving an email addressed to ‘Dear [insertname]’.

If you don’t have content on an individual for a personalised section, ensure you have generic content to fall back on.

Step 5: Design, test and review

You can never do too much testing and checking …

  • Optimise your send time

  • Design, test, review and repeat

  • Always get another pair of eyes to check and always be objective

  • Embrace white space and make your email scannable – we’re all busy people!

  • Be responsive – check your email across all devices to avoid brand damaging errors and inconsistencies

Step 6: Track, Monitor and Analyse

After all the effort you put into your strategy and email design make sure you capitalise on the intelligence your tracking and monitoring provides. Reflect on bunces, unsubscribes, click throughs and views to better understand and inform your strategy going forwards.

Finally, we know you want to improve your email response rates and create a better pipeline; reading and digesting these 6 commandments of B2B eMarketing will help to make 2018 a year to remember…

  • Target: Focus on prospects who need your product, rather than waste time on people who could be convinced to want it

  • Content: Ensure your content focuses on the benefits: Make prospects feel important and valued; remind them why they can’t get along without your product

  • Personalise: Reach out to prospects based on audience preferences and behaviours

  • Offer value: Prospects will respond to an approach that offers them something they need and see value in

  • Be compelling: Make prospects an offer they can’t refuse and provide a clear CTA

  • Don’t delay the follow up: Always follow up quickly and in a professional manner

  • Deliver on your promises and be consistent; your brand will benefit and you’ll create brand advocates

By following these simple steps you’ll build brand awareness and trust, improve your brand loyalty and increase sales. Lead generation via eMarketing is about creating and building trust and lasting relationships. Never forget you need to create a pull from the market. Give your prospects a reason to want to do business with you.