• Helen Pritchett

What’s Your Digital Marketing Approach?

Digital marketing is ubiquitous and compelling in its value to growing your business, so what’s your digital marketing approach? At CPB, we get this and have a variety of digital marketing approaches available on our menu of product and services. What is more, we understand that, in digital marketing, one size does not fit all. Which is why our digital marketing approach is as bespoke as our clients.

Each of our customers has their own rationale, business objective and ideal outcome in mind from their digital marketing strategy. As a consequence, each campaign is carefully scoped to design a programme that suits. We offer expert recommendations based on how to bolster a campaign and work in conjunction with clients to develop their digital marketing approach and design campaigns ready for launch into the B2B market.

Our approach is bespoke and can include any, or all, of the many different digital marketing offerings in CPB’s portfolio, chosen with care, to suit your needs.

CPB offers 2 main area of digital marketing; mass and targeted email marketing. No matter which we recommend, we follow the same 4 step process for campaign success.


Firstly, we’ll look at Mass Digital Marketing:

Although most marketing strategies now focusing on personalisation and precise targeting, one should not shy away from mass marketing programmes. Such campaigns can work extremely well, particularly alongside more targeted, personalised campaigns as part of a multi-touch campaign. You could just unearth business opportunities across segments of the market that have never been of focus but that are engaging with your brand. It could also produce new business leads across existing target demographics.

Organisations generally have a good idea of where and whom to target their outbound marketing campaigns. This is usually based on several factors, such as the solutions portfolio being marketed, the market demographics of existing customers, target customer demographics, analysis of previous marketing campaign engagement and ROI.

What Do CPB UK’s Mass Digital Marketing Activities Involve?

  • Targeting a mass audience of engaged B2B contacts using a multi-touch approach

  • Choosing a broad audience and avoiding specific market segments and/or buying personas

  • Promoting chosen content to the masses via i.e. emailers, whitepapers, event promotion, generic brand awareness, product or offer promotion

  • Pushing adverts out via a multi-touch method e.g. enewsletters, website advertising and social media

How Does Mass Digital Marketing Work?

CPB’s main USP is its direct access to the UK’s leading IT industry focused database, ProspectaBase. This IT focused database contains records on over 86,000 UK organisations and 300,000+ B2B contacts. We disseminate your message to this database, taking advantage of the engaged nature of recipients toprovide unrivalled leverage.

CPB also has access to TechKnow.Online (TKO), an IT industry news publisher that offers independent news, insights and views. Distributed to a loyal readership base of 180,000+ contacts, its diverse audience spans the spectrum of the UK IT market. Keeping recipients up to date with all the best bits, bytes and announcements in the IT world, it’s a ‘go to’ tool for anyone involved in IT who needs to access technology news and publications.

Our clients place adverts on the TKO website, with traffic driven to the site via fortnightly digital publication, Techknow.Buzz, an enewsletter delivered straight to engaged recipient’s mailboxes. In addition, the site generates organic traffic. Adverts can also be placed within the fortnightly eNewsletter publication and are chosen on complement the news stores featured in that edition.

Finally, we capitalise on social media; placing adverts on various channel and pushing these out in conjunction with the website content and advertising pushed out via a multitude of social channels and the Techknow.buzz enewsletter.

CPB campaigns also benefit from the granular marketing automation platform designed solely for the IT industry, which gathers engagement intelligence on a company and contact level and allows us to analyse market trends

Getting Started with Mass Digital Marketing

CPB UK’s expert Account Managers will guide you through each step of getting a mass digital marketing programme off the ground, offering support and advice. We work in partnership with clients, helping them find the right approach for their niche:

  • Providing insight on recent success trends (which buying personas are interacting with which propositions, which markets are responding best to particular topics etc.)

  • Designing the engagement journey from advert to target destination / landing page

  • Assisting in choosing the right content for the messaging: e.g. an advert’s headline must draw just as much attention as the visual and we must consider what has proven successful for similar propositions etc.

We recommend the following steps to maximise digital lead conversion where an interest has been expressed by a contact and it’s now time to qualify if this is an interest or an opportunity

  • What processes is the client deploying for human to human qualification?

  • Is there resource to carry this out?

  • Is assistance needed from CPB UK’s expert telemarketers?

Benefits of Mass Digital Marketing

  • Mass brand awareness to the UK&I market

  • Identify which market segments and buying personas are interested in your brand, offering clarification on who you ‘think’ may be interested

  • Create a foundation for your next ‘targeted’ digital marketing programme, based on mass marketing findings

  • Generate intelligent digital leads for qualification, sales progression and pipeline build


Moving on we’ll look at targeted email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective and direct methods for delivering your message to your target audience. However, we all know the sheer volume of ‘junk’ that appears in mailboxes every day. Trying to create an email campaign where your content shines above the rest requires careful planning and an innovative approach.

CPB is expert in designing and delivering bespoke, data-driven email marketing campaigns, with meticulous planning on target audience criteria based on value proposition. Data has never been more ubiquitous than in the modern world. Furthermore, the success of an email marketing programme is much more than the pretty pictures or content placed in a HTML file; it’s data-centric.

Access to the UK’s leading IT industry database, ProspectaBase, coupled with granular marketing automation, allows CPB UK to delve deeper into customer engagement patterns and trends and thus build campaign strategies based on what the market shifts are showing and not guess work.

CPB supports your targeted email marketing by:

  • Creating bespoke outbound campaigns

  • Designing and building strategy based on tested success metrics

  • Building target audience data sets based on; industry, size, geography, buying persona and existing IT vendor landscape

  • Ensuring the correct audience set is chosen for your value proposition

What Benefits Does Partnering with CPB Bring?

  • Access to the UK’s leading IT industry database, ProspectaBase

  • ProspectaBase contains 300,000+ B2B contacts, across 86,000 UK&I organisations, with hundreds of segmentation filters

  • Building target data sets, based on chosen or recommended audience demographics

  • Standalone emarketing sends

  • Multi-touch emarketing sends to follow a carefully thought out communications worfklow

  • Set up and split testing of all activities to measure success

  • Granular marketing automation platform designed solely for the IT industry to a) gather engagement intelligence on a company and contact level and b) analyse market trends

  • Brand awareness to the UK&I market

  • Identification of new business opportunities across targeted data sets

  • Generation of intelligent digital leads for qualification, sales progression and pipeline build

As with the mass marketing approach, CPB’s expert Account Managers guide you through each step of getting a targeted email marketing programme off the ground. Providing insight on recent success trends and recommending follow up steps to maximise digital lead conversion.

Content and Design Advice and Support

Hitting the right spot with content that inspires is vital. It generates enthusiasm and anticipation. It can make the difference between a campaign being fabulous or mediocre. Our people at CPB are experts at data and at designing and building digital marketing strategies for campaigns based on existing content. We are not a design agency but we do love to work in collaboration with customers’ design agencies and external third party agencies to ensure the content befits our strategy.

What’s Your Digital Marketing Approach Now?

Digital marketing isn’t for wimps, but it isn’t as scary as it seems when you partner with the right agency. Everyone needs a little hand-holding now and again, and CPB can take you through the process step by step. Our Account Managers and Data Scientists ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and to help you create the very best digital marketing campaigns to build your business and progress ROI.