• Helen Pritchett

Why Surveys are More Valuable Than Ever for Customer Satisfaction and Product Development

Why is survey data so powerful and such a vital component of any marketing strategy? Simply put, there’s nothing more compelling than the opinion of the masses who have volunteered to share with you exactly what they think. Surveys can help gauge views and experiences and, when done well, provide hard facts on customer opinions and behaviours that can be used to make important strategic marketing and product-related decisions.

Are your customers happy with you? Is your product range meeting their needs? How do you know?

Many businesses make the error of assuming that levels of customer satisfaction are healthy without actually undertaking any verification. Conducting regular customer surveys either by phone or by electronic means will help you keep a finger on the pulse of your customers’ wish lists and problems and allow you to address any issues before they arise. It’s time to add customer surveys to your list of marketing tactics.

Assuming that everything is tickety boo with your customer relationships and product strategy could be a strategic blunder. Instead, be proactive and ask your customers some questions. If you wait for them to get in touch with you, it may be that they already have an issue and it might already be too late to solve it. Reach out to customers and you’ll gather data that demonstrates the opinions, perceptions, and long-term trends of your customers.

Why customer surveys should be part of your marketing arsenal

In the IT field in particular, technology research and development can be crucial for bench-marking your activities and products against your competitors, not to mention defining your target audience and revealing their preferences.

We are in an era of digital transformation and data has never been more important for running a successful business. Data isn’t just a database full of contact details. Data can demonstrate and illustrate the opinions, perceptions and trends of your customers and prospects. Surveys and market research are the most widely used vehicles for collecting the viral market forces information that a business needs to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Whether your aim is to understand more about the wider market, or to monitor existing customer satisfaction; results and analysis from a properly thought out survey will equip you with intelligence to help structure your business strategy.

A good survey and market research service will gather the information you require and give an independent analysis of the results, from which you are able to make informed decisions.

Why do surveys provide such beneficial insight and what are the top reasons why you should conduct surveys?

  1. Uncover the answers: learn about what motivates respondents and what is important to them as well as gather meaningful opinions, comments, and feedback.

  2. Evoke discussion: surveys represent an opportunity to discuss important key topics and create open- ended conversations.

  3. Check in with your customers: stay front of minds by building and developing long term relationships and boosting customer retention

  4. Identify potential problems early: find out about problems and uncover your customers’ pain points before it becomes a big crisis

  5. Base decisions on objective information: surveys provide an unbiased approach to decision-making and avoid decisions relying on gut instinct.

  6. Develop follow-up sales opportunities: talking with customers about their satisfaction levels might lead to new insights about their business and potential cross or up selling opportunities.

  7. Compare results: results provide a snapshot of the attitudes and behaviours which become your baseline benchmark from which to compare results over time.

Surveys aren’t just for Christmas

Consider using surveys more regularly for an even more powerful response. Surveys will help inform individual decisions such as whether to run a particular promotional campaign or create a new product, but they achieve even greater results if repeated over time. Repeatedly asking the same question at different points in time gives a clear vantage point on how things are changing and informs corporate and product strategy.

Surveys are ethical and GDPR compliant

When a customer responds to a survey, they are providing the ultimate level of opt-in activity and consent. When quantitative surveys are undertaken, recipients respond of their own volition and provide thoughts and opinions freely. Surveys and research operate under a clear, fully opt-in methodology. This means that all insight and information gathered is given willingly and intentionally by the respondents. Therefore, data is collected ethically and still provides you with the insight you need to shape campaigns and strategies that will resonate.

Surveys and market research (including database development and audience profiling) deliver real and tangible results giving you the valuable information needed to inform your future strategies, product development and company direction. What is more, you’ll build stronger business relationships, improve customer retention rates, and boost sales results.