• Helen Pritchett

Work Experience at CPB UK

Why I chose CPB UK

I chose a local marketing agency, CPB UK Ltd for my work experience week. Knowing how hard it would be to obtain work experience, I blasted out emails to a wide range of companies many of whom failed to reply to me, unlike CPB who I feel took the time to consider my email and act on it. I started the week quite nervous and did not know what to expect, but within minutes I was welcomed and briefed on how my week would go. It became apparent from the start that the company was eager to take people on for work experience in order to provide young people with exposure of how a business works, to enrich their education and sow the seeds of new skills. They have shown me that there is much more to marketing than simply putting an advert online. Throughout my work experience week, I have been shown just how much effort has to go into marketing products and, in turn, this has demonstrated to me just how little is known by the public about what goes on behind the scenes.

When looking for a placement I focused on the area I was able to travel to and what I was interested in doing post-education. My search was quite broad, which meant that very highly rated companies were coming up in the results. When I got a reply from CPB saying they would be happy to take me on I was surprised as most businesses had not responded. I had begun to think that a successful business like CPB would be reluctant to take the time out of their busy days in order to show me the ropes. I was even more delighted to get this placement when I realised how active and how important their role is in marketing up and down the country.

What I did throughout my week

Once I had arrived, I was made aware of the different areas of the business and especially of the fact that CPB has one of the biggest and best databases in the country, ProspectaBase. My week started by meeting the team, having a tour of the office and being given my schedule for the week. My first job was being trusted to find newsworthy technology enterprise stories to be published on the TechKnow.Online website. This led to me creating and scheduling posts for both the website and its social media profile. I didn’t think they would let me do something like this on my first day! This showed an element of trust in me which I didn’t expect so early on.

By my second day I was invited to sit in on one of the company meetings, which gave great insight into the workings of the company. Following on from this I was tasked with drafting emailers, which would be sent out to a large number of clients. Again, this made me feel valued as it showed my mentor had a high level of confidence in my abilities and she was happy to give me the freedom to contribute to the running of the business. As well as this I was tasked with helping the company blogger to publish an article on summer sales. Another fun task I was set was to call companies which CPB had outdated contact details for in order to update them and cleanse the database. This was quite a challenging task but one which I really enjoyed. I was also privileged enough to shadow some of the calls the sales team made to clients in order to generate leads.

Not only was my work experience enjoyable, it was also very enriching in the way I was granted the responsibility to carry out some of the tasks that company employees would carry out on a day to day basis. Having spoken to my friends on other work experience placements I can say my work experience stood out from theirs, mainly down to the amount of trust they had in me and the level responsibility I was given to carry out company functions. How I benefited from this experience

This week has been very successful. In school, I briefly learned marketing and how businesses are run, but thanks to CPB I have been able to put my learning into practice and now really see the work that goes into making a business successful.

I’ve been given the opportunity to interact and work with people who have lots of experience in the real world and I’ve benefited from the knowledge that has been shared with me. In addition to this, it has shown me how many layers and departments are involved in running a business as well as seeing the opportunities and incentives employees are offered in order to motivate them into doing an even better job.

Overall it has shown me that small companies like CPB can have a massive influence in markets up and down the country. I believe that my experience of a small but nationally successful enterprise has provided me with a better outlook on business than a larger corporation may have done.

I’d like to thank everyone at CPB for a great week. I’ve learnt so much and look forward to using these skills in the future.