Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is here and it’s time to spruce up your data! Yes, get your apron on, move your metaphorical sofa and get hoovering! Every business can benefit from a good spring clean. It’s time for a little reflection on your activities and to make proactive, positive changes to impact the year ahead.

At CPB we’re expert at spring cleaning as we cleanse our database, ProspectaBase, on a daily basis. Our data clients who also subscribe to our segmentation platform Lengo benefit from daily updates on their data. Contact details are cleansed daily, ensuring our clients always have the most accurate IT data available, anywhere.

What do we do with this lovely data?

Our clients engage with us for one reason; lead generation is their biggest challenge and they rarely have the data or in house expertise to create demand. CPB has been successfully delivering outsourced marketing services to the IT industry since 1998 and is widely acknowledged as one of the leading agencies for contact data, market intelligence, demand creation and lead management.

Trend_Micro_CPB_testimonialCPB has a team of highly trained and accredited agents, experts in a wide range IT products and systems and with the ability to drill down, burrow further and dig deeper to get results. With our freshly cleansed, accurate data our team is a formidable force!

How do we achieve results?

It’s simple. We find. We focus. We connect.

  • We identify, target and talk – we get in touch with the right people, and get them talking to you
  • We inform, influence and develop – we gain an in depth understanding of our clients and identify longer term development opportunities to help them grow
  • We imagine, inspire and activate – as well as putting fire in the belly of your sales team we can also put energy into your communications

If you don’t have time to spring clean your marketing data, give us a call. ProspectaBase will put a spring in your step!

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