Taming the GDPR Beast! What you need to know

Taming the GDPR beastGDPR is designed to “harmonise” data privacy laws across Europe as well as give greater protection and rights to individuals. Is it a beast that needs taming or a fluffy kitten that we should cuddle and nurture? With only 10 days to go until the new legislation comes into force, we thought we’d highlight a few of the latest articles on the subject that might help your final preparations and answer those last questions and concerns …


  1. Forbes have written about what to do if GDPR compliance is simply not possible (not that it will be, of course – you’ll all be 100% compliant by now!
  2. Diginomica highlights why you should check your email service provider’s approach to GDPR, and why you should make sure your unsubscribe process is beyond reproach
  3. Try The Evening Standard’s article featuring everything, yes, everything you need to know about the new data protection laws
  4. The Telegraph provides some great insight into privacy policy emails – what are they and should you be worried?
  5. Wired gives thought-provoking clarity and advice on what GDPR means to you as an individual – are you a one-person GDPR disaster waiting to happen?!
  6. NetImperative discusses how keeping the lines of customer communication open is the key to GDPR
  7. The Guardian proffers advice on what to do with the deluge of emails flooding into your inbox 
  8. The DMA provides clarification on some of the lingo and terminology on the subject and dismissed some of the monsters and myths
  9. Always a font of useful information, the DMA also take a look at GDPR from the consumer perspective 
  10. Vital for B2B marketers – here’s some useful advice, again from the DMA, on consent and legitimate interest as your lawful bases for direct marketing
  11. The ICO has also published guidance on the use of consent … can you, will you?!
  12. Finally, and if you;re having trouble sleeping, why not trawl through the ICO’s full GDPR guidance … not as exciting as counting sheep but likely to avoid you being on the wrong side of the law come May 25th!


Taming the GDPR Beast

There is a lot of advice out there. GDPR is here to protect individuals and enhance our privacy. But, it is a living document and we are all waiting for May 25th with bated breath to see how the beast develops. Do your due diligence. Get compliant. Organisations will fall foul and precedents will be set. Let’s be the ones to watch and learn rather than get our fingers burnt.

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