Telemarketing; it’s not for wimps!

telemarketing; it's not for wimps

Telemarketing; it’s not for wimps

Yet it is still one of the most effective lead generation options available to you. Even in this digital age, telemarketing makes a significant impact and is a vital component of an integrated, sophisticated, multi-touch, account-based marketing solution. It should be noted that telemarketing isn’t for wimps. It takes care, attention, precise and accurate data, a great strategy as well as bags of enthusiasm and confidence.

Why Telemarketing Matters

Telemarketing, as opposed to telesales, is a broad approach to building customer relationships that may involve increasing brand awareness, seeking out information or soliciting feedback as well as trying to close deals. Telemarketing sales calls are usually made to existing/previous customers who are already, or have been, actively engaged and are therefore warm-ish.

To win new customers you need a unique differentiator. Talking to prospects is the best way to discover exactly how you can meet their needs. It’s not just about content, it’s about conversation. Using an account-based marketing approach you can contact people when, where and how they prefer. Using this approach makes communications more personal and relevant, resulting in better relationships and improved ROI. Speaking to qualified contacts, who are already engaged with your brand, product or service, enables you to nurture prospects through the sales funnel quickly and proactively, resulting in rapid pipeline results.

What Are the Benefits of Telemarketing?

Businesses that use a telemarketing approach as part of their arsenal often do so for the following reasons:

  • It is a good way of testing new products on a warm audience of existing customers
  • It can be low cost, requiring no printed, written or web content and therefore have potentially higher rewards
  • It can result in new customers be onboarded very quickly by cutting out the time needed to nurture leads
  • It’s good to talk to an individual, while not quite as good as face-to-face meetings telemarketing does allow you to contact many potential customers from a distance

Disadvantages of Telemarketing

Of course, as with anything, there are some disadvantages, however it is possible to turn all the below in your favour – especially with the right, expert and experienced telemarketing partner.

  • Some customers resent the direct approach and will attempt to block any attempts through gatekeeping
  • Poorly handled calls or inappropriate upselling and cross selling requests may alienate existing customers
  • Telemarketing is governed by strict regulations that restrict how data can be acquired, stored and used

What Makes Telemarketing Work So Well?

To support any telemarketing strategy you need data, smart data. The constant refreshing and building of the data in a database means you can rest assured your messaging is reaching the right target audience to which you can deliver targeted, personalized, profiled, marketing communications. To make your campaign a real success, combine the right data (from the right source) with an expert telemarketing partner.

The truth is that telemarketing does work if you have the right data, the right people and the right approach. A good telemarketer needs many skills and a strong constitution. They put the prospect in control and allow them to ask important questions. Every client has different needs and all the telemarketer cares about is understanding those needs.

The honest truth is that being in telemarketing uses more skills than you might think! As well as striving for the best result for both your company and your client’s interests, you also need good judgement and the ability to understand other people’s needs. Telemarketing isn’t for wimps but it can be really successful.

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