Top tips for summer marketing campaigns

CPB_tips_for_Summertime_marketingWe work hard all year to deliver successful multi-touch marketing campaigns for our clients. We don’t even take our foot off the gas in the summer as we’ve had great success with summer lead generation. Firstly we’ve found it can be easier to get through to the right decision makers when their gatekeepers are away. Secondly, we find that may IT departments use the summer months to reflect, plan and strategize for the remainder of the year. Making summer a perfect time to start talking about campaigns and where CPB can add value.

So, here are our top tips for summer marketing campaigns to the IT sector:

Get busy with a summer database deep clean
Use the time wisely to cleanse your existing data and enter the autumn with a thoroughly cleansed and fully up-to-date prospect database.

Pick up the phone!
Create initial contacts, begin the relationship building process, nurture leads and have one foot in the door for when key decision makers return in September.

Nurture your existing contacts
they won’t all be on holiday and those that are chained to their desks may appreciate the human to human contact or a targeted promotion that keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind.

Optimize your lead generation capability
invest time analysing your successes from the previous 6 months. Undertake a ‘stop, start, continue’ review of activity. A close look at how well campaigns and your website have been performing will help you understand where to focus and will result in a healthier autumn pipeline.

Think data, analytics, marketing automation, event management
Make sure you have all the solutions and products you need to make your forthcoming campaigns a success.

Do you need to outsource any functions?
If so, ensure you hook up with the right partner(s) with the right solutions for your requirements.

Formulate, schedule and automate campaigns for the coming months
it’s time to reflect, strategize, plan and prepare … the remainder of the year is going to be busy!

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