ProspectaBase: The leading IT end user database for UK data

Intelligent data should not be an afterthought, it’s the foundation of every marketing strategy.
Data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to nurture prospects from top to bottom of funnel.

ProspectaBase supports client data requirements and delivers unsurpassed contact data and technical infrastructure details, along with current supplier information.

Have you got the IT industry contact data you need?

With ever-changing buying habits and shifts in customer engagement, data driven marketing has never been more prominent. To overcome these inevitable challenges, and to ensure GDPR compliance, there’s no denying that building an accurate marketing database is crucial.

With our class-leading, GDPR ready UK data, ProspectaBase is sure to help your organisation reach the right level of company and contact.

Whatever your IT target audience, and no matter how granular you want to get, ProspectaBase can supply the UK data you need. Once the data list is set, our accredited, technically competent telemarketing agents will make calls to your audience on your behalf.

We act as ambassadors for your brand. We book meetings and appointments and deliver unrivalled ROI for your campaign. Furthermore, ProspectaBase can also use your own data, and they’ll even cleanse it first!

CPB has a proven history of sound UK data for the IT industry and successful lead generation campaigns. We pride ourselves on having:

  • Access to an accurate, comprehensive IT industry database, ProspectaBase
  • An intelligent data management platform that manipulates data for precise targeting
  • Accredited telemarketing agents who are well briefed and technically competent
  • Experience in incorporating digital marketing alongside traditional DM and telemarketing
  • A seamless method of distributing sales leads once qualified, so your sales team can get on with its job without delay