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Channel Development

CPB’s agents have a broad understanding of technologies and the routes to market, making the channel development challenge much less overwhelming.

CPB will work with you to identify the right calibre of business partner, to form your target audience, as well as to develop the value proposition being taken to market. CPB’s agents act on your behalf to have conversations with decision makers and senior influencers, representing your portfolio, available partnership schemes and benefits of becoming a partner.


With a range of integrated marketing services to complement channel development calling efforts, CPB has the right set of tools to reach out to your target partner and achieve sales funnel fulfilment.

Pipeline generation

Think of CPB as the pipeline generation cog in your sales engine. We identify pipeline growth areas and qualify sales opportunities allowing your sales team to concentrate on selling.


CPB works with you every step of the campaign path, carefully designing and creating sales growth activity that’s right for you. 


We understand IT infrastructure, challenges and pain points. We approach prospects on your behalf and ensure that both your company and your products and services are properly represented.

Lead nurturing

CPB’s lead nurturing methodology focuses on cultivating and developing long-term sales opportunities.

Lead nurturing aims to build a strong foundation and effective communication channel with your target audience. This provides a deep understanding of the prospects’ needs and a wide view of all potential opportunities within the account.

The lead nurturing approach is ideal for clients who need to concentrate on immediate prospects and don’t have the means or resource in-house to develop medium to long term sales opportunities.

Team Working in the System Room

Download CPB's lead follow up and management best practice guidelines

The document outlines the processes we advise to maximise the potential of sales leads you are allocated.

We complement your campaigns

with intelligent data

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