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Intent data is a paramount component of creating a personalised outreach strategy to your target prospects. Monitoring and understanding your prospects’ engagement and interest areas, allows for value proposition design and sales outreach that aligns with their requirements; thus creating more precise targeting.

Digital Advertising via TechKnow.Online helps you to achieve just that. 


Delivering your message to a loyal B2B readership base of 160,000+ engaged UK&I contacts, with granular monitoring and reporting on engagement for priority follow up either by CPB UK’s expert SDRs or your own sales function.

Advertise your business in TechKnow.Online’s fortnightly eNewsletter, website and social media and start to harness the true value of intent data!


TechKnow.Online Website

Since TechKnow.Online's creation in 2015 it has become the go-to site for accessing technology news and publications.

The website carries a variety of advertising opportunities, which can be executed as standalone campaigns or as part of a wider CPB UK marketing services package.

  • Whitepaper Syndication

  • Technology Promotion

  • Event & Webinar Awareness

  • Boost Visitor Traffic

Example of TechKnow.Online

TechKnow.Online enewsletter

Working in parallel with the Techknow.Online website, the eNewsletter contains the top stories, latest IT updates and featured articles delivered straight to our readers' mailboxes.

As well as disseminating your message to the masses, TechKnow.Online also provides you with intelligence on which business verticals, size of company and buying personas are engaging with your brand or value proposition.

Receive intent data for all interactive contacts to transform your sales & marketing strategies.

Example of TechKnow.Online

TechKnow.Online Analytics

Statistics for readers interacting and demonstrating engagement across specific TechKnow.Online ads are exported and supplied to the customer via a detailed report . This report includes intent data on engagement and interactions such as contact data and company data, firmographic data and technographic data.

TechKnow.Online vital statistics
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